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  1. Tank13

    MTA crash problem

    Both you gents are absolutely correct, I was using a modded particle.txd and after replacing the "roadsignfont" PNG with the default I no longer have experienced any crashes related to that offset, as a matter of fact no crashes whatsover. Reason why I was using a modded particle.txd was simply cause it promised better FPS. How little I knew tho. I have been able to login more that 50 times already without a problem so its safe to say that my problem is solved. Like to thank both you gents once again.
  2. Tank13

    MTA crash problem

    Well I just replaced the gta3.img with a fresh new one (not modded) and my game crashed again twice. Tho I must say thats way better than the usual 10 crashes I had each day
  3. Tank13

    MTA crash problem

    I got the crashes (same offset) even before I installed custom models\particle.txd Yes, that is true. 99% of crashes always return that offset. At this point I'd like to ask if there is a chance I might be able to instal the original/default roadsigns (not modded) rather than having to re-install a new GTA version and if yes where are they located exactly? gta3.img or somewhere esle ( I can manage with such things)? And thanks both for the very fast replies
  4. Tank13

    MTA crash problem

    My MTA keeps crashing, most times when I try to login to the game (while loading and just before I can type my acc name and pw). Other, less times, it crashes during the game mostly when I aim with sniper rifle. Its very annoying as it may take me atleast 5-10 goes before managing to login, thanks. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/572627832