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  1. I did it, but they still won't die.
  2. Will setElementHealth(seg1, 100) work? or how can I put it so the ped can die?
  3. This is how they are being created. seg1 = createPed(164, -2660.91235, 1399.24121, 906.46094, 0 ) setElementInterior(seg1,3) setTimer(setElementHealth,1000,0,seg1,100) setTimer(setElementFrozen,1000,1,seg1,true) setElementData ( seg1, "ModoPassivo", true )
  4. Does anyone have any Idea on why bots won't die? Mods like bank robbery, and project hacking, the bots just won't die. Thank you.
  5. I tried doing so but, no matter what I do the vehicle keeps spawning at the same place.
  6. How can I change the position of the spawn in this function ? I suppose it is where it says " vehicle = createVehicle(Model, x-5, y+5, z, 0, 0, rz) " But I see it gets the position stored in a local variable that gets the position of an element. But I don't understand which element is this. Can someone help me? function(Model, cost, r1, g1, b1, r2, g2, b2) abc = false local data = dbPoll(dbQuery(db, "SELECT * FROM VehicleList WHERE Account = ?", getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source))), -1) for i, data in ipairs (data) do if data["Model"] == Model then abc = tr
  7. I'm not a programmer y'know, I found the resource on a free website. I see that there's a file that should be the databese I suppose, but seems like it's not working.
  8. Hi Guys, I have a question... I have this resource I want to use in my server. It is a car dealership, but what happens is, every car that a player buys disappear when the server or the resource is restarted. I was hoping that someone could help me with this. or at least give me a clue on how to prevent this to happen again. Thanks
  9. como está nomeado o executavel do gta sa? deve ser gta_sa.exe
  10. MAAAAAAAAAN! I WORKED!!! Thank you sooo much! I was almost giving it up! Thank you very much for that!! I really appreciate it!
  11. I did it, I don't get eny errors, but nothing is shown on the scoreboard though.
  12. Thank you for responding. but where do I put this? I guess I found it, But I still get the number on the scoreboard. Is it really possible to get the name shown instead of the number? I don't wanna bother you guys.
  13. '<name>' expected near '#' on line 13 attempt to index global 'clanRankNames' (a nil value) on line 161
  14. Hii. I tried this one, but now it shows nothing, it stays blank.
  15. No I've got another one, do you need it? MAX_PRIRORITY_SLOT = 500 scoreboardColumns = { { ["name"] = "ID", ["width"] = 20, ["friendlyName"] = "ID", ["priority"] = 1 }, { ["name"] = "name", ["width"] = 200, ["friendlyName"] = "Name", ["priority"] = 2 }, { ["name"] = "fps", ["width"] = 50, ["friendlyName"] = "FPS", ["priority"] = 3 }, --{ ["name"] = "country", ["width"] = 100, ["friendlyName"] = "Country", ["priority"] = MAX_PRIRORITY_SLOT-1 }, { ["name"] = "ping", ["width"] = 30, ["friendlyName"] = "Ping", ["priority"] = MAX_PRIRORITY_SLOT } } resourceColumns = {} function toboolean
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