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  1. Ghost156

    Streaming problem

    NVM didn't solve. Sometimes I'm able to use f8 to open the console so I can disconnect, and then it all works fine until I connect. Then I have it again.
  2. Ghost156

    Streaming problem

    Hey there. I've recently began using steam's stream service to stream from my potato laptop to my PC, when I'm not able to get on it. This always worked fine, now for a while I've been experiencing problems that when I connect to a server, all of my controls die out except for ESC (which opens the pause menu). When it opens the menu, still can't do anything. My mouse control is completely dead, but so are my controls to open the F8 console or by any chance, use arrows to navigate. Keep in mind that before I connect to any server, this works perfectly fine! Just when I load into a server, it completely dies out. I've tried switching streaming programs, like parsec which copies over your exact control movements, but even then I'll still loose controls. Even when I use chrome remote desktop, whenever I connect to a server, it'll just do the same. ESC works, so does start, but that's it. I'm kind of out of ideas on how to solve this really since I only have this when using the stream, otherwise my controls work perfectly fine. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Managed to solve it by using comp modes.
  3. Is it normal that when you save your map, it displays everything on your live map in this .map file? I'll name an example. I run my mode on your VC map, I then start MTA-Edit and start mapping objects on the ground. Then I save the map, and in the xml it will display all the objects of the VC map, including what I mapped. cus I haven't found out why, I keep having to delete all these objects from this .map file that I don't need.
  4. @CodyJ(L) I keep getting these errors after updating Objs and my mta server. I keep replacing VC2, but then after refreshing/restarting it will give me these same errors again.
  5. Is this released yet?
  6. @CodyJ(L) Are you planning on releasing the JSeries Map Editor from your github, if yes, is that compatible with the maps you converted so people could use that editor to edit the maps? I've tried using the regular map editor, but that's not going to so well since that loads SA objects or makes me crash when I force load the converted map.
  7. What I forgot in all the haste of writing this, the ID's are not limited to players, these could be vehicle IDs or specific team ID's.
  8. Hi there, I've been working on an In Game log searcher for logs that I save in a database. I've got a column named source and affected elements The source column saves the account ID of the one who triggered the function. The affected column stores the account ID's of those who were around when the function was triggered, these numbers are seperated by a ; icon. I've got an export to a different resource, that allows me to get the character name from the account ID. I already managed to do this for the source column so that it displays the character name in game, instead of the number. Though the column on the gridlist in game it shows either as 22; or 22;34, depending if there was only 1 affected player, or more. I've posted the code below that populates the gridlist with the data acquired from the mySQL string on the server side. Though how do I go about seperating the ID's and getting the names from them. to display like Derek J;Dustin J or Derek J, Dustin J. I'm using the DGS directx lib, though that shouldn't be much of an issue. function populateLogGrid(logsResult) for i, record in ipairs(logsResult) do local row = DGS:dgsGridListAddRow(grid) DGS:dgsGridListSetItemText(grid, row, col.date, record[1]) local theAct = getActionRecord(tonumber(record[2])) DGS:dgsGridListSetItemText(grid, row, col.act, tostring(theAct)) local nameShow = exports.cache:getCharacterNameFromID(record[3]) DGS:dgsGridListSetItemText(grid, row, col.element, tostring(nameShow)) DGS:dgsGridListSetItemText(grid, row, col.elements, record[4]) DGS:dgsGridListSetItemText(grid, row, col.detail, tostring(record[5])) end end addEvent("log:populate", true) addEventHandler("log:populate", localPlayer, populateLogGrid)
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