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  1. Hi! I created a cinema script, but when i want to show a video from any site, shows me an error message. The Code:
  2. MrZsemle

    Kamera visszaállítása

    Azóta már komolyabban belefolytam a lua használatába, de köszönöm szépen a válaszodat.
  3. There's an easy way to send messages to your Discord server with Discord webhooks, and fetchRemote. (This only works with MTA Server version 1.5.6 or higher!) First, you need to create an webhook on your server. Copy the webhook URL Download the webhook resource from here (updated, thank you Mr.Loki!) Set the URL Start the resource, and now you can test your script with /dcmessage command, or you can use the sendDiscordMessage function with export (only serverside) like this: The result:
  4. MrZsemle

    progress Health Ped [HELP]

    Get the Ped's health with getElementHealth and draw to screen with dxDrawText. If you want set the ped's default displayed health to 100 divide the getElementHealth with 100.
  5. MrZsemle

    [LOOK] Poker script

    Hi! I'm looking for a quality poker script. If you know one, please send the download link below. Thanks, MrZsemle
  6. Hi! This is my new script:
  7. MrZsemle

    Replace animations? (Jumps.. parkour..)

    Hi! I know this is an article from 2012, but the MTA now supporting the custom IFP animations.
  8. MrZsemle

    progress Health Ped [HELP]

    Hi! You want to write ped's health in dxDraw or in the chatbox?
  9. MrZsemle

    [LOOK] Roulette script

    Hi! I'm looking for a Roulette Script in MTA, which works. If you know one, please send me below. Best Regards, MrZsemle.
  10. MrZsemle

    [SHOW] Horse

    use setElementRotation
  11. MrZsemle

    [SHOW] Horse

    Create a function which contains setPedAnimation, and bind this function to a key. For example: --this is a clientside code! -- load custom animations local customBlockName = "HORSE_ANIMATION" local IFP = engineLoadIFP( "horse_animations.ifp", customBlockName ) -- create horse, and bind keys horse = createPed(id, x, y, z) bindKey ( "w", "down", moveHorseForward ) bindKey ( "w", "up", stopHorse ) -- set default animations, and attach function setAnimations() setPedAnimation( horse, customBlockName, "HORSE_IDLE" ) setPedAnimation( localPlayer, customBlockName, "SIT" ) attachElements ( localPlayer, horse, x, y, z ) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, setAnimations) -- move forward, and stop function moveHorseForward() setPedAnimation( horse, customBlockName, "HORSE_RUN" ) setPedAnimation( localPlayer, customBlockName, "SIT_RUN" ) end function stopHorse() setPedAnimation( horse, customBlockName, "HORSE_IDLE" ) setPedAnimation( localPlayer, customBlockName, "SIT" ) end
  12. MrZsemle

    [SHOW] Horse

  13. MrZsemle

    [SHOW] Horse

    Hi everyone I used animations from this mod: I loaded the animations with EngineLoadIFP ( ). I replaced a skin with this horse, and i applied this animation to the skin. If you want to make this in serverside, trigger a serverevent which contains SetPedAnimation ( ). This is the full cleo script, you can see the horse animations in this file: Bind the animation functions to keys (for example w, a, s, d). You can rotate the horse with both not only. You can find the reply above
  14. MrZsemle

    [SHOW] Horse

    Hi. I created horses in mta . It will be visible on my MTA:SA WWII server.