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  1. One bug that I have recently found for the first time that is reproducable is a problem getting the uzi located on the golf course. If I pick it up, it does not make a noise and you cannot select it as a weapon. It is there, but if you select it it quickly changes to the weapon before it on the list. So not only can you not use it, it can interfere with weapon selection as well, since it can be difficult to scroll past. I have confirmed this with some others as well, to make sure its not just me.... Another bug I have found but cannot really reproduce is an occasional synch bug involving rid
  2. Not likely. Not everyone who has had the problem has an nforce2. I give up for now. I have tried every easy fix I can think of and nothing works. LEts hope there is a fix for it soon.
  3. Yeah , I have Windows XP Pro on both systems, and both systems have all the current updates. One of the systems worked with absolutely no problem, the other never worked. Who knows? It is apparent though that its not just a matter of "visibility". It is some type of problem when you start the game, you just get dumped into your own game. You can chat with the server, but thats it, you don't interact otehrwise, or at least I can't. For example, typing /kill yields death on in my game but no server message or negative point to reflect it. Oh and Happy New Year East Coast!
  4. I'm using xp pro, same updates, on both of my systems, one works, one doesn't...
  5. Has anyone by chance tried reformatting since experiencing the problem? That would likely give a good idea of whether or not it is strictly a software conflict.
  6. Who knows, but we do know that windows XP has both working and non working instances.
  7. Mainboard chipset(VIA works, nvidia doesn't), CPU archecture(both are AMD but one is a Thunderbird and the other in an Athlon XP with 512 cache), One has a Geforce 4 Ti-4200, the other a Geforce 4 MX. That's really all that is significant. They both have onboard LAN cards and go through the same router. Nothing of importance that I see there, as the people posting with this problem have had a wide variety of hardware(all kinds of CPU's, Video cards, etc.) Oh, and software wise, its hard telling. They both have a lot of different stuff, but they are running the same build of winxp and have m
  8. I installed it on one of my PC's over .2.2 and it worked fine. I did the same thing on another and it broke. I completely uninstalled everything and even hunted down registry keys. Still broke. Anyhow I don't think it has anything to do with whether you have had MTA .2.2 on your system at any time, or whether you unistalled it.
  9. Same problem. Another PC on my local area network does not have this problem, so it is not likely connection related. 1. XP 2. Linksys BEFW11S4 3. The default c:\prog files\rockstar games\vice city 4. I have tried both c\prog files\MTA and same as above +MTA 5. Yes, and deleted all config files, directories and all registry entries I could find 6. Yes, though the other PC on my network did not and it works just fine; even installed it over the top of .2.2 7. 1.0 8. It does not work, period 9. Yes Just to add a bit of insight in case need be, its not that you cannot "see" anyone. Yo
  10. I am having the "no people in my game" problem. I tried to uninstall Vice CIty and MTA and deleted the directories, including the directory in the my docs folder. I restarted and reinstalled everything. When I launched MTA, it still had my username and the server info that I last used in the boxes, so something is hiding somewhere. This could be part of the problem. Anybody know how to clear this out? -Haus
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