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  1. well i don't understand how my map crashes with hardly that many roads, other maps i have played have had more roads and objects and still didn't crash. when i start mtasa and minimize it i have 50 cpu usage and i think thats mostly the cause of it. if i start gtasa by itself i don't get that 50 cpu usage problem maybe errors are from mta map editor which i hope soon has a fix for it. anyone else have similar problems like mine?
  2. Hi Guys i my self am having a problem, maybe a unique problem. The Current map i am making is 75% finished and i can't really go further with it because i get parsing response failed error when i try to edit a part of the map that has my roads or objects around there. plus i have noticed that the cpu usage goes up to 50% which is odd because it didn't do it b4. If you guys are wondering it might be my installation, it isn't cuz i reinstalled mta and my gtasa and loaded the map again and still the same problem. if anyone may have an answer to why this is happening to my almost finished ma
  3. I have a question on the minor crashes VC might have during MP. If a crash were to arise in a MP to 1 player, will all the other players crash as well?
  4. If you guys want to know where the killerkips mod is, fear not, i have found the site hehe Can't wait till i install it -----> http://users.pandora.be/killerkip/gtavc.htm <-----
  5. Hey i have that same problem, i try connecting to goons but no luck, i try all the other servers and get in fine, any idea why?
  6. Hey what language is that so i can find a translation
  7. Hey Haus did it work on both comps that had Xp Pro or only worked on one. If so which one had Xp Pro and which one had Xp Home edition.
  8. Blaze_Uk, your not the only one who wants to play 0.3, i had to reinstall 3 times to get it to work but still no luck. By the way i have to much crap on my comp to go ahead and format for MTA's mistake But i still Loveeeeee what MTA is doing so ill be patient and wait for a fix
  9. People Using Xp Pro or Xp home that are getting the problem like me post here Windows Xp home Edition here and i have the problem. and Haus do u Xp pro or home, and on which it works or not.
  10. I have an idea of how blips won't show up on mta 0.3 for some people out there like me. Many people installed 0.3 over 0.2.2 or so, thus changing something in a registy or somewhere else we don't know about. Because I did the same thing, downloaded mta 0.3 and installed over 0.2.2 and now it doesn't work. Other people uninstalled 0.2.2 and then installed 0.3 and worked for them. May that be the problem?
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