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  1. I also thought that in this case it might be possible, but the resources are in a separate folder. Hence the conclusion is that it is possible to change client data on another servers (maybe not everything data, but some), that is, it is an MTA bug, isn’t it?
  2. Hello! On my server, the components of the car tuning break down (example in the screenshot). This happens after I go to a foreign server. And when I go to my server, there is such a problem. I also noticed that after entering other servers, then my animations do not work. The problem is solved only after restarting the MTA client. But this is not an option. It turns out that the MTA client does not clean client information when a player visits other servers, hence the question: how can I clean this information myself so that players do not restart the client? engineRestoreModel and resetVehicleComponentPosition did not help
  3. Hi, all! I have string "{100}Hello, world! {45}How are you?". How I can this string split into two arrays with parameters, i.e. in the end I got array: ar = { {100, "Hello, world! "}, {45, "How are you?"} } I make script: ar = {} s = "{100}Hello, world! {45}How are you?" for k, v in string.gmatch(s, "({%d+})(%w+)") do table.insert(ar, {k, v}) end for k,v in ipairs(ar) do outputChatBox("K: " .. k .. " V1: " ..v[1] .. " V2: " .. v[2]) end as a result, I received K: 1 V1: {100} V2: Hello K: 2 V1: {45} V2: How but that's not what I need but I need this K: 1 V1: 100 V2: Hello, world! K: 2 V1: 45 V2: How are you? Help me, please p.s. sorry for bad english