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  1. thanks a lot ! the problem solved
  2. i installed avg antivirus and deleted 2 virus , but still rundll32 show and the game won't open ! this problem out while i open the game
  3. this when i am not opening the game this is when i open the game
  4. yes me too , i think there is a problem in the game or they mining on our pc's !
  5. can any one tell me why rundll32 start with mta sa ? it's the first time i see it ! , and i think it's mining becuase it high to 100% cpu usage
  6. وفي بعض الناس برضه لما يحلفون يكتبون [ واللهي ] وده غلط انما الصحيح لها وهو كلمة [ والله ] ولا يستحسن ايضآ كثرة الحلف بالله
  7. بالله عليك يارجل هذا مود من 6 سنوات ؟ والله شكله مود من المستقبل بعد 6 سنوات .. عاش
  8. cinfu السلام عليكم .. سمعت عن شركة اسمها Dedicated Server - Hosting Server -VPS - Domains فـ هل فعلآ هي شركة ضعيفه وغير مشهورة؟
  9. i didn't understand you , do you mean use this code like this? dgsSetProperty(button name,"colorcoded",#FFFF0000)
  10. hello guys , i had a question about dgs button i tried to change the button color by DgsSetProperty and didin't work , is this code has stopped ?
  11. #Error404

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    me too but the code is different VF # ODAH
  12. hello all , i got a new problem in mta sa when i tried to join any server it's showen this problem you were kicked VF # ODAH !! i search on google what is the solution but i didn't found , this problem show to me after the new update
  13. حبيبي , شكرآ علي تعليقك هذا ❤ ابشر , ومشكورين علي دعمك ❤
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