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  1. Remove the ip in <serverip> in "mtaserver.conf" and keep it default "auto"
  2. Sisqo0


    What is the aim of using it like your code and say what do you want to do.
  3. Sisqo0


    I think you mean this --Server side function bindkeyonlogin() bindKey (source,"k","down", function(player,key,state) if getControlState ( player,"fire") then toggleControl ( player, "fire",false) else toggleControl ( player, "fire",true) end ) end addEventHandler ("onPlayerLogin",getRootElement(),bindkeyonlogin)
  4. Did you try to do in the same order that i said 👇👇 veh = createVehicle( 520 ,2047.46155, -2494.08105 , 14.5,0,0,90) setElementHealth(veh, 10000 ) warpPedIntoVehicle(source, veh)
  5. Maybe it's the maximum health for this vehicle.. I'm not sure but to make sure.. Make it If you got the same health(205%) then you knew why but will be better if you set the health before warp Ped
  6. I want to know something.. When someone does a script and finds something hard to do for him to make his script works well.. I know we have to ask here for help but if he found what he was looking for in a free resource.. Does that consider stealing? For example: -if he wanted to use a table function in a certain way but doesn't know how & he found a script using that table in the same way he wanted. So if he used it. Consider stealing? Btw he used just the way not the script
  7. --Edit those --Client --Server
  8. setTimer(givePlayerMoney(player, amount), 1000*60*60*24*5,0)
  9. I made Car lock system script in dayz and it works fine but it depends on that each car has a certain number and needs a certain key to lock/unlock & all that is ok but to make those keys appear in inventory i need to add like more than 200 lines ( because i have more 200 cars in server and each one has a certain num ).. The name of each key is "Vehicle Name - Its num" so how can i do it. Is there something like math.random(1,200) but it make all nums between them valid not just a random one. And even if there's something like that.. Will it work in inventory?
  10. You can add at the end of client side script code fileDelete("client-script-name.Lua")
  11. @majqq sorry if iam annoying you i could disable selected items if i selected 2 rows of different gridlists but is there any way to make it if i click on any gridlist rows, the last clicked on the other gridlist would be removed and what i clicked on stay selected only
  12. @IIYAMA Thanks for your reply, I made 2 gridlist before but i got a problem too with selection mode of each gridlist. I could select row of player gridlist and row of vehicle at the same time. Do you know how to avoid that?
  13. local GuiWarpElementToMenuElements = {} local function createWarpElementToMenu(SelectedElement) if WarpElementTomenuopen then closeWarpElementToMenu() return end WarpElementTomenuopen = true guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing") if (getElementType(SelectedElement) == "vehicle") then GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiCreateWindow(0,0,350,400,"Warp "..tostring(getVehicleName(SelectedElement)).." To",false) else GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiCreateWindow(0,0,350,400,"Warp "..tostring(getPlayerName(SelectedElement)).." To",false) end WarpElementToWindow = GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements] guiWindowSetSizable(WarpElementToWindow,false) GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiCreateButton(0.06,0.93,0.4,0.05,"Select",true,WarpElementToWindow) WarpElementToSelectButton = GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements] guiSetFont(WarpElementToSelectButton, "default-bold-small") GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiCreateButton(0.54,0.93,0.4,0.05,"Cancel",true,WarpElementToWindow) WarpElementToCancelButton = GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements] guiSetFont(WarpElementToCancelButton, "default-bold-small") GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiCreateGridList (0.02,0.06,0.95,0.85,true,WarpElementToWindow ) WarpElementToGridList = GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements] GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiGridListAddColumn(WarpElementToGridList,"Player",0.475) WarpElementToPlayerGridListColumn = GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements] GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements+1] = guiGridListAddColumn(WarpElementToGridList,"Vehicle",0.475) WarpElementToVehicleGridListColumn = GuiWarpElementToMenuElements[#GuiWarpElementToMenuElements] guiGridListSetSelectionMode(WarpElementToGridList,2) for _,vehicle in ipairs (getElementsByType("vehicle")) do local WarpElementToVehicleGridListRow = guiGridListAddRow(WarpElementToGridList) guiGridListSetItemText(WarpElementToGridList,WarpElementToVehicleGridListRow,WarpElementToVehicleGridListColumn,tostring(getVehicleName(vehicle)),false,false) guiGridListSetItemData(WarpElementToGridList,WarpElementToVehicleGridListRow,WarpElementToVehicleGridListColumn,vehicle) end for _,player in ipairs (getElementsByType("player")) do local WarpElementToPlayerGridListRow = guiGridListAddRow(WarpElementToGridList) guiGridListSetItemText(WarpElementToGridList,WarpElementToPlayerGridListRow,WarpElementToPlayerGridListColumn,tostring(getPlayerName(player)),false,false) guiGridListSetItemData(WarpElementToGridList,WarpElementToPlayerGridListRow,WarpElementToPlayerGridListColumn,player) end end That's my code in client side it works perfectly but i have 1 problem i can't remove the empty rows in player column. please help
  14. Yes. That's what i wanted Thank you 😍