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  1. What does the error contain?
  2. active = false local GroupName = 'KILLERS' function turned() if active == false then outputChatBox("Spawn enabled") active=true break else then outputChatBox("Spawn UnEnabled") active =false break end end addCommandHandler("spawnturn", turned) function onWasted () if active == true then if getElementData(source,'Group') == 'KILLERS' then setTimer( function (source) setElementDimension( source, 0 ) setElementPosition( source, 2478.705078125+math.random(1,1), -1685.421875+math.random(1,1), 13.5078125 ) setElementInterior( source, 0 )
  3. Hello, I need a system of machines for deleting through the command / rcar [id vehicle]. I just can not figure out how to do it. In theory, you need to replace the standard spawnvehicle function with custom, where the information about the machine is stored in the spawncars [id] array. Attention! Do not id models of cars, but id idle cars. With the command / rcar [id] the car should be cleaned after I go. The administrator should be displayed on the top of the machine: Vehicle [id], train track (only for trains). Thanks in advance.
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