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  1. Innovative Gaming Network is inviting you to come play at our Server. We have many unique qualities to offer at IGN. Choose your side, and get started today on the Server. You can choose to be a cop, criminal or even a civilian. Create your own gang, squad or company. Start from the ground, and build yourself up to reach the top of the leader board on the Server. Challenge friends, organizations, and you can even take part in events to win easy cash. A community led by the People who play on it. Your opinion matters to us. Join us today and invite your friends if you are convinced this is a place you want to play at - IP: mtasa:// Forum website:
  2. The server is currently under-development.
  3. @Rimmy The server is currently under-development. For more info, visit SARS:RPG's official discord channel: Stay tuned!
  4. Mind your own business fgt. This server is using SAES's gamemode. @Brophy @Dutchman101
  5. @N3xT ممكن نتكلم خاص? اريدك