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  1. The scripts dont run ... i want what the player get the maximus skills weapon at spawn.... I dont want the "currents stats"... I use both of them scripts but dont run The meta written is: <meta> <meta src="script.lua" type"server"/> </meta>
  2. Thanks for the help but the script dont work..
  3. Hello! i triyin create a new script but u have some problems... the purpose of the script is get maximun stats of all weapons a every players in the spawn. I look the wiki but dont it doesnt help... Thanks
  4. Hello.... i need help. i starting scripting and i need support whit this script. function giveWeaponsOnPlayerSpawn (TheSpawnpoint, theTeam) giveWeapon (source, 26, 20) -- sawed-off and 20 ammo end addEventHandler ("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement (), giveWeaponsOnSpawn) META: <meta> <script src="script.lua" type="server"/> <meta> ¿wich is the problem here? thanks
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