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  1. I need help! I have this https://github.com/TioSchmidtt/mta-local-voice-chat MTA LOCAL VOICE CHAT FOLDER,but i dont know if it works and where should i put it! Can you help me?
  2. i dont understand this,explain it esier!
  3. I enabled voice chat in my MTA server,but everybody in the server hears me from the other end of the map! How can i make it local,so only players around me can hear what i say?
  4. i dont understand this,can u explain it esier?
  5. I got a custom hud in my MTA server,but the default one is glitching in it! How to disable the default one?
  6. So im making a RP server and i want to add real life cars,but the problem is that i dont know how. How to do it?
  7. in which folder should i make a folder with meta.xml and client.lua? ???
  8. Where should i type that? Where should i type that?
  9. how can i disable the default mta hud?
  10. how can i disable the default mta hud?
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