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    problem with phpSDK

    Hi all! I have problem in PHPSDK. I added to sdk user in acl admin group, and try send a message to MTA, and the sdk response: but i use the correct username and passw pair. MTA consosle response: What is the problem? MTA say correct, but sdk is denied. Help please. Thanx
  2. ztajti

    Introduction to the PHP SDK

    hi. I have a problem: How I can resolve? Acl user added to admin permissions.
  3. ztajti


    hi. How I can start/stop/restart the server with PHPSDK? The server running in windows server. Thanx.
  4. ztajti


    Hi. Don't need to use jQuery. Just replace the map = new OpenLayers.Map($("map"), {'maxResolution': 0.3515625, 'maxExtent':new OpenLayers.Bounds(-90.0,-90.0,90.0,90.0), 'numZoomLevels':6, }); to map = new OpenLayers.Map( "map", {'maxResolution': 0.3515625, 'maxExtent':new OpenLayers.Bounds(-90.0,-90.0,90.0,90.0), 'numZoomLevels':6, }); And the tilecache service resolve, i don't know. Sorry. I tring.