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  1. Van egy funkcióm ami onResourceStarton lekéri az autókat adatbázisban és beállitja az életét de ha egy játékos lelép és később vissza megy mikor az adatbázisban valtozott a kocsi értéke akkor hogy tudom nekik szinkronizálni az adatokat?
  2. I have a function that gets the information of all the cars that has been bought for ingame money and it can spawn the cars when the resource is started but when a player disconnects and the vehicle data is changed when the player reconnects he is not able to see the changes to the car as I looked over other scripts they only using server side. This is the only function that gets the vehicles data from the database but it only does when the resource starts function spawnAllCars() local query = mysql:query("SELECT * FROM vehicles") local rows = mysql:fetch_assoc(query) if rows then while true do local veh = nil local rows = mysql:fetch_assoc(query) if not rows then break end if tonumber(rows["locX"]) ~= 0 and tonumber(rows["locY"]) ~= 0 and tonumber(rows["locZ"]) ~= 0 and tonumber(rows["rotX"]) ~= 0 and tonumber(rows["rotY"]) ~= 0 and tonumber(rows["rotZ"]) ~= 0 then local veh = createVehicle(tonumber(rows["modelID"]), rows["locX"], rows["locY"], rows["locZ"], rows["rotX"], rows["rotY"], rows["rotZ"]) else local veh = createVehicle(tonumber(rows["modelID"]), rows["spawnLocX"], rows["spawnLocY"], rows["spawnLocZ"], rows["spawnRotX"], rows["spawnRotY"], rows["spawnRotZ"]) end setVehColor(veh, rows["color1"], rows["color2"], rows["color3"], rows["color4"]) setElementHealth(veh, rows["damage"]) setElementInterior(veh, tonumber(rows["interior"])) setElementDimension(veh, tonumber(rows["dimension"])) table.insert(vehTable, {["id"] = rows["id"], ["health"] = rows["damage"]}) end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), spawnAllCars) Do I need to add something in client side or just need to change something in this?