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  1. no, you leave the original 0.3 installed, you just overwrite the file "MTAClient.exe" in you GTA/MTA directory with the new "MTAClient.exe" file that is included in the 0.3rc2 package ... the other files in it aren't needed to get the game started i guess, it works for me now keep up da good work mta guys, love this version, broke my own kill record with it yesterday, loootta kills =) rock on!!! Rocket_Guns
  2. well, this is good news. sounds good, that 'master ban' list, keep up the good work, you guys changed the world of GTA, in a lovely way! BUT i dont know HOW this ban stuff is going to work, maybe voting or something...but what if someone is just very good and kills everybody? and some noobs think he/she is cheating because he is so good? then he'll be banned for nothing. That doesn't seems very fair to me. and what if only the admin can decide to ban someone, so no voting. what if he is a lame ass and bans you when you kill him/her....i had that before (i won't mention their @$*(#*$# names ) so uhm, how is this banning stuff going to work? rock on Rocket_Guns