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  1. San Dierno Anniversary Editon

  2. San Dierno Anniversary Editon

    Salvete meine Damen und Herren, The new version of San Dierno VII is now on the server. It's the final version of the Pre-Alpha The Changelog is on our Discord Server and in this Topic Discord Server: MTA-Server: IP: or San Dierno in the search Salutem Dicit
  3. San Dierno Anniversary Editon

    Salvete, San Dierno is a german island city, which started in 2013. Now after 5 years the map will come back for a 7th Edition. It will be the last edition, where also a server will start soon. The Anniversary Edition is now in the Pre-Alpha Build 3. German mainthread: How to find this map on MTA? IP: or San Dierno in the search In this topic i post the changelogs from the island. Discord from San Dierno: Salutem Dicit