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  1. lol, maybe ULK hates me but damit, im just laughing when i see that video man, for real, all this crap thanks to that video, have u think about that?? LOL i thought u said they were OUR enemies like FBI hates ULK, so i think u meant on your personal list right?? damit mac we are on the same clan, cant u just forget about all this crap?? i dont know how u fell, i mean he said that u are a cheater in public i think thats worst!! u know FBI is with you but i dont think we have to go taht loong mac, lets let things like in the ol' days and lets play again, together having fun, thats it.
  2. DeathB, actually mac is not the leader, im not the leader, so why are u both saying that we are enemie clans?? this was just a 2 persons fight (Clan support tho) so dont be that hard, this is just a game and i like to play with ULK without saying "owned" "u suck my ****" stuff like that, so lets just forget about all this crap, and well officialy ULK is still a friend clan, i mean cowboy is not even here, and i dont think this small..problem deserve a gang war or something like that, Cant we just get along? playing for fun and not for scores? for now damit, i just wanna say sorry to ULK, i
  3. who the F,UCK is len? sorry but im a bit stupid, but who the hell is L.E.N?? mac use that too.. Actually LMDJ killed you more than 10 times, and i was the one who said "gotta go too, you are good man" thats it, nobody else said u were good, so dont come here saying that everybody ssaid that, lier! again, who the hell is L.E.N??
  4. yea i was there too. now he's got the full image, u have nothing to hide mac!! Guys the guy called sub Zero was deathB desguised, still was a fun match!!
  5. have u think about.. MrBumb? or any MTA member?? Keep spamming. cus that video shows nothing god damit!! get it? shows nothing!!! uggh, i think we are wasting our time here, just ask someone else damit!! to me that video is a cheap FRAPS show nothing video, play again using a sub zero or raiden, scorpion if u want but play against Mac, he is not a cheater, OOH do not forget FRAPS buddy
  6. YEA YEA whatever! keep posting the same thing, WE cant answer to that! ask the MTA creators!! u are writting too many shit, come here play with us and use FRAPS, and record how we PWN you!!
  7. Mac is right deathb, u know that he wasnt cheating, i mean i killed him like 3 times, accidentaly because FBI doesnt kill each others but u cant say that he was cheating tonight, cus we (lara, zero, lmdj, me) know that he is not and he wasnt cheating. EDIT: if u say that mac was loosing 1 health bar per each shoot THEN U ARE A FUCKING LIAR!! AND YOU KNOW THAT!! again me and the other guys on the server can tell you that you are lying man! he killed some guys but we killed him too!! if u say that he was loosing just 1 health bar then u are having BIG PROBLEMS WITH YOUR MTA OR YOUR PC. we are
  8. well, i wasn't there playing with Mac and DeathB but i've seen the video, i can tell you, that shows nothing, i mean, if DeathB can give us a video, showing that DeathB shooted at Mac more than 3 times and mac lossing 3 health bars, 1 each shoot, that would prove something i mean Mac would be kicked in 3 secs. im just saying that the offence needs more Proovs. We are in a truce with DeathB already im saying WE cus Mac is an FBI agent so we are with him thats why we are a Clan, support each others. I just wanted to say sorry if i said something wrong or offensive but mac is one of ours so he
  9. SORRY for my posts but not every MTA player is from USA or England, Australia? well NO DeathB said that LMDJ and audigy werent ULK, and u say they were.... the Video is the important thing, my opinion is that i cant see any cheat on that video, thats my opinion, just ask an MTA crew guy, thats all that we can do to see if Mac cheated or if it was just Lag, Synch error... And i said that LMDJ KILLED deathB and he said LMDJ was cheating, i dont care the Speed mod. anyways i think ULK is like the best clan thanks to Zircon not fucking people saying that everyone is a cheater. and some more UL
  10. uggh, BigFerg is right, sorry but i think its enough, Mac is not the first guy called a cheater by DeathB i think somoene should stop him, this is just a game, people cheats, YES, but mac is not a cheater. Next time get a Full video of the "thing" and then use your finger, and aim the cheater.. thats it, like BigFerg said your video shows lag or a Synch error, not a cheater in progress, so just stop all this crap.. hey you are playing MTA, but i think if i dare to join your server i'll get banned.. right? cus im a cheater? uggh, again, i have nothing against you or your clan, i just have en
  11. i've been watching the video over and over again, i cant see any cheat!! just lag or an MTA bug i dont know, but that cant be a health cheat!! just a NEW cheat made by mac? maybe? a cheat that allows you lose less health than the others?? OR WHAT THE F,UCK DO YOU MEAN WITH CHEATING?? Lag? when someone (not mac) kills you?? uuggh, u are a sick guy!!
  12. uggh, people is not stupid, some people thinks that you are a hero, the best palyer, so they respect you, but there are people who hates you, and they know who DeathB is, the arrogant guy, the stupid guy, the guy of the video.... that video shows nothing, just ask the MTA crew and you will see, but yea, u are a MTA crew friend so maybe they will say that mac is cheating, and im not wonder...yes maybe mac is gonna leave cus we know what is next, bans, black list, etc, that to you idiot, thats to youDeathB oo great DeathB the best player ever, you are just a...MTA scum, poeple like you deserve
  13. again, hear yourself man, u looks.. sad, tired, damnit man, for real u make me cry! DeathB is a sad guy i never said that u they are in ULK they were people trying to join your clan, but NO they couldnt because they killed you retarded!! thats what happened, THEY KILLED YOU AND YOU SAID THEY WERE CHEATING!! THTS IT!! CANT U UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NO THE BEST PLAYER EVER?? maybe you are good, but again... DeathB, that video is just bullshit and you know that, believe me u was like my hero when i started to play MTA, for real like my hero, i always wanted to play with you but now all that i can
  14. ok ok, i cant miss this!! ok, now u are "prooving" that mac used cheats... here are my impressions 1- THAT HAPPENS TO ANY PLAYER USING MTA!! IT WAS JUST LAG, 2- HEY U KILLED HIM, have u think about that? 3-point 2 prooves that mac wsnt using a Health cheat. 4-DeathB i dont wanna start a was for that stupid video, just get a new video 5-DeathB we are not the first guys called cheaters by you or any ULK member, i have fun every time we play togethre but there is a guy, always saying that someone is lagging or cheating... A few guys like Audigy or L_M_D_J.. they can say that you said they
  15. so, WTF does MTA 0.4 means?? i thought it was a new GTA 3 version but now i see VC pictures...
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