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  1. [HELP] I need house buy-sell script

    if you need any help pm me.
  2. [HELP] Interior System

    if it for owlgaming you have to have faction named in script plus start official-interiors
  3. where i can change the text from that circled photo???

    Open notepad+ and then press ctrl+f and find in files select your resource folder and type that text in and then press find in files and you gonna find it P.s you don't have to fully type it first two or three words will be enough
  4. https://failiem.lv/u/2nrqyqqq#_ here +rep have to translete it tho
  5. Roleplay Chat Logs

    Hey,so my problem is that it dosent register chatlogs,as it should do it. It dosent send any errors or nothing in debugscript 3 and the resource is started. Link to it : http://www.mediafire.com/file/yb57h58msa7aj0m/logs.rar/file Thanks