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  1. VoxaGolden

    who now Open game Panel join here

    i Have <VPS> ---------------------------------------- Characteristics :- the system: |windows| 10 | 64 bit| i have install in the VPS <Open Game Panel>!! the Open game Panel is local >< ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ when i make server!! in the Open game Panel!!! the Server is : Samp <Gta San Andress Online> ip server : = --------------------------------------------------------------------- the Problem is !!! server local i want make it Public = so can any one join!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- لدي <VPS> ---------------------------------------- مميزات :- النظام: | windows | 10 | 64 بت | لدي تثبيت في VPS <لوحة اللعبة المفتوحة> !! لوحة اللعبة المفتوحة محلية> < -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- عندما أجعل الخادم !! في لوحة اللعبة المفتوحة !!! الخادم هو: Samp <Gta San Andress Online> خادم ip: = 7777 = -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ - المشكلة هي !!! الخادم المحلية أريد جعلها عامة = حتى يمكن لأي واحد الانضمام !!
  2. VoxaGolden

    guys i need help

    what is right section?
  3. VoxaGolden

    guys i need help

    what is arsal?
  4. VoxaGolden

    guys i need help

    hello.... i download Open game Panel Windows>< MY oPEN game panel work good)(but) it's local!!! can someone tell me how to make my Open game panel global in windows :3