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  1. Thanks for your time guys, everything up and running now. We have a Deathmatch server running, find it on All Seeing Eye! Also drop by our site.
  2. thanks very much for your help, having a go now.
  3. Hey. Ive posted here before, but with no solution. [HH] Hopeless Heroes, recently added an MTA:VC server, but we have no idea how to admin it, since we are used to playing MOHAA, and CoD. Please could someone give me a step-by-step guide how to set up the server, and what tools I need to admin it, the cheaters are getting too much and we NEED the ability to kick cheats ASAP. Thanks for your time. All at [HH]. http://www.hopelessheroes.co.uk
  4. Keep getting Connection Timed Out?
  5. We have a Multiplay server, but have no idea, how to admin it. In order to kick people etc.... Simple terms for a n00b appreciated! - PHM
  6. Im still stuck, if anyone can help me out, my msn is asphaltrisin@hotmail.com, or drop me a pm!
  7. Could someone post the direct link to a tool which allows us to Kick cheats off our Multiplay server? I get too easily lost in that download section! Thanks! - Matt.
  8. hehe, yeah thats why we are keen to support this community and be a part of it.
  9. oh cool, so that will work with our multiplay box then? We are very keen to get the admin up, Hopeless Heroes are a long established multigaming clan, with very strict anti-cheat philosophies. The sooner we get more familiar with the gem that is Multi-Theft Auto the better.... You can check our site out here. Any help on this remote admin stuff is much appreciated. Keep it up guys!
  10. Well we have admin on our server 24/7 but we have no idea how to kick people off it? We have our own box, from Multiplay, running 4 MOHAA servers, 3 COD and 1 MTA:VC, but still puzzled how to admin it.
  11. righty, you see we have our own box in [HH], we have 3 MOHAA, 4 CoD and 1 GTA Server, so we're just trying to set it up. So will this tool be able to work on our remote server? ps. Bruce does rock indeed! Have you seen his new movie Bubba Ho-Tep?
  12. Medal of Honor mate Couldnt find the admin tool, can anyone post a direct link for me? Totally unsure how to set this up, so a n00b guide would be much appreciated, so we can get rid of all the cheats on our server!
  13. Right, so that will allow us to kick cheats etc?
  14. There a way of having RCON, so you can Kick players etc.... Our clan brand new to the game, so I apologise for the n00bness. Anyway, hope to cya all online! Also its for MTA: VC. Much appreciation if you can help me out!
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