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  1. Can you please elaborate. I am still quite new to coding. Also is it easy to get them to appear on the radar? Thnks for your reply
  2. Hi can somebody help me please. I've made a stunt map and I am trying to figure out how to have triggerable markers. I just want markers placed around my map and when I go through them in the set vehicle, the marker will turn green and some text will appear for a couple of seconds. Kind of like Stuntage in FFS server. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. <3 awesome thanks
  4. As above A guy told me a while back that the limit was about 7 but I just pulled a TXD out of the original SA files and it had 48 images inside. Granted they were small images (most were 256x256), so I am guessing that if there is a limit it's based on memory and not just a basic maximum number. I tend to make 1024x1024 sized textures for SA. Does anybody know much about this subject?
  5. Yup you got that right. Stupid memory. But I guess that is another use for what I am trying to achive. You will never run out of memory if you are switching them off as new ones are being loaded in, even if it has to be triggered with a teleport marker to make it feel a bit more seamless instead of having to wait for resources to load as you are driving. I don't know, I am thinking way too deep into this. I still have to design the garden and textures yet before I'll even be using any of this. And thanks I'll give that a go when I get home from work, I didn't even know about dev mode
  6. Thanks Most of it is already made through over projects I have made over the years. It's just optimizing for SA and importing that sucks lol And hmmm I have never used collision shapes as a trigger. Do you know any good tutorials or tips?
  7. Many things over time, but right now I am building a huge island in max with a mansion in the middle and a race track going around the outside. I will have all of my modded cars parked up outside the mansion, but say I wanted to create another racetrack across town and want to use different custom cars but with replacing the same original vehicle, as I get closer the old custom cars will turn off and new ones will turn on. Same with handling lines, weapons, replaced models, maps ect ect. It'll be good to switch switch between them based on your location, or even other things like time or wea
  8. Hi guys I'm still new to this so forgive me if this is dumb, but..... I'm wondering how you can trigger /start "resource name" while playing in a server. Like: if player position = x**** y****z**** then start resource (or something like that, for example). Preferably triggered between coordinates, like: if player coords = between y100 and y200 then start resource. and with something like this on the end: if player coords > or < than (y100 - y200) then stop resource. I don't know C# very well so can someone translate this to actual script because I'm
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