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  1. I download a new time the dedicated server linux 1.03 (gcc 4.0) and upload the replace all my files, and now it's ok, my servers appears on ASE .
  2. The 2 servers updated to v1.0? at v1.03 appear on game-monitor.com, but not updated on this site. But i created 6 others servers with 1.03, but don't appear on game-monitor.com.
  3. I have the same problem. I add manually my servers in ASE, and the gamename is "test" with the 1.03 dedicated server linux. But with the last version, of the MTA:SA server, the gamename was "mta". With Dedicated Server 1.03, my servers don't appear in ASE.
  4. Hi, My MTA 0.4.1 server run since some days and the memory use is enormous. Currently, 269Mo for a 26 places server and 99Mo for a 12 places server, and that is only being worsened. One issue ? Thanks, midtownmad. EDIT : MTA 0.4.1 Linux Server ;p
  5. For example, Unreal Tournament 2004 use 6 KB/s per player, so 1,22 Mbits/s. No comments on the optimization of the netcode.
  6. You must install the package : libstdc++ on your server. http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/ASP/i386/u ... .i386.html
  7. When i limit the sent bandwidth in config file, i can't connect to the admin, so i am obliged to not make limitation. Your problem is that the clients consume enormously bandwidth, on my server, one client consume 315 kbits/s !!! so 40 kB/s.
  8. So if i understand, if i disabled the admin+ option, my consume of bandwidth decreased ? But if no admin connected, the admin+ consume too ?
  9. My server MTA 0.4 with 26 players consume approximately 8 mbits !!!!, its misused...
  10. Hi, How I can just launch several mtaserver just on one linux server ? I have try, but just one of different mtaserver is start, and i have changed the game port... Thanks. midt
  11. Hi, Can you give me the hardware requirements for host one mta dedicated server, and the connection require per player ? Thanks.
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