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  1. He starts dedicated. He joins You start your game, connecting to 192.168.xxx.xxx (replace xxx with the IP) If this doesn't work, maybe he has a firewall?
  2. Grey, because it is much more professional look. If microsoft would release Word with an image on the toolbar, I bet it wouldn't be solled very much in offices
  3. Trough the metal. It sounds stupid but as sad before, I am a noob in zmodller.
  4. It will be the LCPD model from gta3 since I am not so advanced in scratch modeling. http://www.gtaforums.com/ib/ikonboard.c ... ntry929357 That is the help I need, but I trying Yazu's method.
  5. Well, it doesn't bend, but next to that, yes, it flies pretty good. So not like the chittychittybb or the dodo.
  6. Again my trhead is ruined by the rusian dude
  7. I don't want to start a flame, but why do we have to do all the work for you? Just start google, type "how to make a website" and click on: http://www.kidcompute.com/makeawebsite.html
  8. Yes people it now is able to fly the helicopter trough admin console. Do not says it isn't possible, because if it isn't flyable aka nuked, why is it on 3 huge website with over 10.000 downloads? You can find it here: http://www.gtaforums.com/ib/ikonboard.c ... 109;st=0;& I have heard lots of complains, but it works here perfectly and it works perfectly at other people so don't say the mod sucks just because you: A. did not patched gta3 jet B. have a crappy heavely modded gta3 version C. have a crappy computer. Updates on v0.2: -Go left and go rigth is going smoother so no 5 degre
  9. I think the about and the exit button should be in a seppete box, like the rightclick on logo on left top And please, no background image. What's the point of it? I rather like more in windows fitting grey background. And, also, no mta logo. I've I want to see its mta I just look at the titlebar.
  10. Just for the notice, yesterday I played gta3 over the internet onfoot and in a car with 5 other players with no lag. http://www.gtaforums.com/ib/ikonboard.c ... 89791;st=0 I have a server it has 1 player on it (wich is active) so you can test it. This is no spam. I only want to show you that somebody also made it, with a much easer method, with ASE, no previous car, onfoot, no lag, just enter IP and off you go, no alt+f12, more player support, linux server and more.
  11. Allrigth. When 0.3 is released, it will have player on foot support. One player steals a coach. The other player gets on top of the coach The drivers start driving the car, the player ontop shoot people from the car. You can do this with 5 people on 1 coach!
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