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  1. I really think it was just tweaked. I think the 2nd/3rd post mentioned two player split screen, like co-op mode...that would be the best thing ever!!! That would be so fun! And maybe like a cops and robbers scenario or something.
  2. What the hell......I find shotgun's useless. They never kill me and I never kill anyone using one.
  3. I like Win Media player 9 a lot. The huge movie seeker line thingy is awesome.
  4. When I was playing 0.3 I think I've only crashed....once? Maybe.... 0.3 works way better than 0.2...
  5. I updated, and now whenever I try to join a server it says "Incompatible Version". I'm sure re-installing VC would fix it...but it's late and I'm lazzzzzyyyyy
  6. Yea, I suppose. I'm kind of thinking in reference to mods like Counter-Strike, and Day of Defeat for Half-Life that went Retail. But I guess since there isn't much of an "idea" to it really.....it's just VC multiplayer. Mind you, it is awesome, but it's just the idea, everyone had the idea, it's the ability to do it.
  7. I find it funny how it kind of happened by mistake (see "history" on main page)
  8. Would this mod ever go retail or something and be bought by Rockstar? It's a nice dream for the creaters....but does anyone think it'll ever happen?
  9. HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHA That's where it is? God, I knew there was a reasonable explanation to that. Hmm, my first two threads I have started here have been pretty dumb. But still, how was I supposed to know that?
  10. Someone PLEASE tell me how they get up there: It feels like it's a secret society up there, like the Stonecutters of Vice City. There was about 7 of them up there....there are stairs, but they only lead half way up the building, and a helicopter won't go that high. The Hotel is North-East of the malibu (50 yards from it). The stairs are on the south side of the building, but as I said they don't go up all that far, until you can't go any further. Oh, and the guy that is near my stomach (through it really), is where you can get to by taking the stairs, it just goes to a window that looks
  11. Maybe it's happening because of your hideous windows color scheme.
  12. proved me wrong. oh well, worth a shot.
  13. god damnit. They deleted my post. Everyone just download the zipped version of MTA, I would bet anything it will fix the problem.
  14. It's official, I'm the biggest retard ever. I had it set to 1.1 instead of 1.0 in MTA. Sorry.
  15. I downloaded 0.3 and tried to load a game and it crashes as soon as the last loading screen finishes. I see the MOTD and it just crashes, everytime. I uninstalled vice city, deleted the folder, restarted my computer, installed VC again, installed MTA again...and still, no dice. So, little help? I have a: Athlon XP 2800+ 512 DDR Ram Geforce 4 TI 4200 Asus Motherboard Windows XP Pro
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