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    I have a problem when i logout my server i dont keep my weapon skills,Muscle,Stamina,Weapons,$money,HP,Armor,Location(X,Y,Z,) What am i supossed to do? download a resource? or what ? I am new at mta and i am trying to make something more like for testing Thanks In advance
  2. this server that i want to make is to play with my 4-5 friends and have some fun we dont really like others servers they are too complex and we are just lazy and casual for those kind of server we want to play for 2-3 hours when we are bored and thats it and thats it not something big i wont even buy serer i will make it to my pc
  3. Hello guys i am new to mta I want to make a server that you will be able to obtain money from killing other players robbing stores/house and do graffitti and hacking atms You will be able to buy cars(you can driveby) and repair (paynspray) and mod them as you can in the single player and make the car's health 250% so if if the player burn his car someone shoot it he will lost it Another thing that i want is to be able to buy some weapons+armor+spray from ammunation + train your weapon stats You could choose skin + muscle and cloths/tattoos for cj skin and the palyer will be able
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