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  1. Odyssey Freeroam [English Freeroam Server] IP: mtasa:// We are yet here again with another Free-roam Server Fitting your Needs. With New Dogfight system, Weapon system, Turf System and Damage System we try to offer you the smoothest game-play even on low end PC's. The scripts are carefully optimized to reduce lag and increase FPS. Since we are now in Beta, we Provide a free VIP for Players Who register into our server. VIP have the ability to Spawn specific vehicles and use different Types of Vehicles which normal players wont be able to use. Depending on your Requests we may add new features considering the importance of it to the server. We are also recruiting new staff depending on your capability as a leader. We have our own custom Crew system which allows players to manage their crew in a wide range of ways. Each crew can have their own specific vehicle skin and weapon skin which only the cew members can use. We have Custom Download Manager so that you don't have to spend hours waiting to play the server. To join the server you need maximum 23 MB download. The rest is downloaded while you enjoy your game-play. All features are Under maintenance so we would love it if you could let us know of any bugs within the features. Thank you From Odyssey Team
  2. There are a lot of Tunable car mods out there and i tried replacing the models in my server .. the upgrades work just fine but some parts are textureless ( places where there is no car color ) it looks like a car when texture isnt loaded // but the thing is ... custom upgrade models doesn't have any textures any ideas on how i can fix this?
  3. @Mr.Loki last question , sorry for this , i know this might be a bit annoying, is there a way which i can make the script trigger just once for each player , right now when u hit with double missles u get dual kills , and also when rammed by another hydra the player dies and again sorry for so many questions
  4. thanks to u both @Mr.Loki the script kills the attacker too the script works as i wanted to but it kills attacker and hydra doesnt blow
  5. well we do have a hosted server , if u wish we can test it there or u can just provide me with a untested script as an example and i could try to figure it out if there are any mistakes
  6. thanks alot bro , appreciate your help @Galactix i have tried that man but no difference can u show me in script form if possible
  7. -- client explosiveWeaponIDS = { [ 51 ] = true, [ 19 ] = true, [ 50 ] = true, } function check(attacker, weapon) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer ) if theVehicle then local id = getElementModel ( theVehicle ) if id = 520 then triggerServerEvent ( "onVehicleKill", resourceRoot, attacker ) else end end addEventHandler ( "onClientVehicleDamage", root, check ) -- server function killPlaya(attacker) local hisVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) killPed(source, attacker, 49) blowVehicle(hisVehicle) end addEvent( "onVehicleKill", true ) addEventHandler( "onVehicleKill", root, killPlaya ) hello , i am working on a script in which destroys hydra from one hit and and get the right kill mesaage , can someone tell me whats wrong and sorry if there are mistakes , i am new to scripting
  8. -- server function check ( attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss ) if ( weapon == 49 ) then killPed ( source, attacker, weapon, bodypart, false ) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerDamage", getRootElement (), check ) yes bro i figured out later , and i wrote this more optimized code but thanks for the help man , it was helpful too
  9. -- client function check( attacker, weapon ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( getLocalPlayer ) if getElementType ( weapon ) == "Rammed" then triggerServerEvent ( "kill", resourceRoot, attacker ) else end end addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage"", root, check) -- server function kill(attacker) outputChatBox("Collided.", source) killPed(source, attacker) end addEvent( "kill", true ) addEventHandler( "kill", resourceRoot, kill ) -- Bound to this resource only, saves on CPU usage. addCommandHandler("col", kill )-- this is just to test the kill Hi i am trying to make a script that kills player instantly when hit by a car, can anyone pls help me out nevermind my mistake xDDDDD topic close
  10. local level = 0 function render (player, level) level = getElementData player, "LEVEL") or 0 dxDrawText("level ".. level, 110 - 1, 717 - 1, 381 - 1, 754 - 1, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 1.30, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText("level ".. level, 110 + 1, 717 - 1, 381 + 1, 754 - 1, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 1.30, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText("level ".. level, 110 - 1, 717 + 1, 381 - 1, 754 + 1, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 1.30, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText("level ".. level, 110 + 1, 717 + 1, 381 + 1, 754 + 1, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 1.30, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) dxDrawText("level ".. level, 110, 717, 381, 754, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1.30, "bankgothic", "left", "top", false, false, false, false, false) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, render) can someone pls tell me whats wrong with this script pls and yes i am a bit new to scripting in lua
  11. Well on Chat it used to show when the play changed his name, But when i add the cancel event function , its just doesnt show on chat but the player can change his or her name i used this addEventHandler('onPlayerChangeNick', getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end )
  12. i did but it just stops the nick change dialog from showing nun else
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