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  1. Hello, everyone! After watching the video i got a question about vertex shader... Someone know how shader defines coordinates and direction, which we change? Video:
  2. Доброго времени суток! После просмотра видео возник вопрос про вершинный шейдер... Кто-нибудь знает каким образом шейдер определяет точки, которые нужно передвигать и в каком направлении? Само видео:
  3. But how it's being dynamic when he run? Usually it's being static.
  4. Нашёл интересные видео URL & URL про систему скинов на одном PUBG сервере... (не реклама) Из интересного, плащ на 0:36 в первом видео и броня с рюкзаком, которые на 2:30+ во втором видео. Нет идей, как они это могли сделать? Интересует чисто алгоритм. Буду очень благодарен за любую помощь!
  5. I found interesting videos URL and URL about PUBG skins system... (not ad) Interesting things, such cloak on 0:36 on first vid and armor and backpack that on 2:30+ on second vid. And i want to find out how it was done? Just algorithm. Would be greatly appreciated for any ideas...
  6. Thanks! Now i don't getting kicked... That's cool Now all .exe ahk will work? Or just this? You really saved a lot of my time.
  7. And ahk.
  9. Why I'm getting kicked for using compiled ahk? I'm playing on RP server. I need to pack it, because i don't want other people steal my code. But each time I login, AC kicking me with it. (VF #4 9KCC) I played with compressed exe before and started to give it away. cause it worked. But after update I'm getting kicked for it. Or what's wrong with script? I could share it, it's just text sender for RP. Any ideas? Waiting for answer...