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  1. BETA has now been opened! It will remain for 4 days. Please report bugs at our forum or in our discord www.westsiderpg.com
  2. Yes, there are many new features developed in the server. Take a look into our discord server at westside-announcements, alot of new screenshots and examples are shown there. https://discord.gg/t5shQVh
  3. Welcome to the topic of West Side:RPG. West Side:RPG has been created in the early stages of RPG servers in 2012. The server got closed due scripts not made by the current owners and so they got striked. It led to them closing West Side:RPG. Now, almost 6 years later, we decided to revive West Side:RPG again. There are multiple reasons why we revived West Side:RPG, the main reason for bringing it back is because the fun that we used to have back in the days. Nowadays, people are fighting over scripts, over groups and over basically power. Back in the days, everyone was having fun, there w
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