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  1. Game object edited in 3ds max are too bright

    @AlexRazor Could you tell me how can I do that? (URL to some tutorial, etc.)
  2. I have just edited the house object from GTA SA in 3ds max. Everything was good untill the night came.. This is how my model looks like in the night: (Its brighter than normal objects outside blue cricle) And when we have the day it looks good: DFF file was exported by KAM's script. Anyone knows how to get rid of this problem?
  3. Texture replacement problem

    @TEDERIs You are right, when I used TXD Workshop 5.0 it worked for me too. It turns out that the newest TXD Workshop version has some problems with that. Thanks for help to everybody, my problem is solved!
  4. Texture replacement problem

    @TEDERIs Try here: (You dont have to create an account here you can just close the message and download the file)
  5. Texture replacement problem

    @TEDERIs Maybe this link will auto-download the right file
  6. Texture replacement problem

    @TEDERIs I have sent it some posts above, but here it is: (DFF/TXD files are in the "done" folder)
  7. Texture replacement problem

    I did it and its still black. @TEDERIs I have uploaded the another TXD file which (0,0) point was blue and the camera was still black.
  8. Texture replacement problem

    So isn't it possible to just drag the image on the model and have it done withour configuring UVs?
  9. Texture replacement problem

    As you can see after TXD replacement I have a "cam" TXD in the table. Im uploading my 3ds max project file + texture PNG file and files which I have done:
  10. Texture replacement problem

    So what can I do now? It works in 3ds max as I have shown on my pictures earlier.
  11. Texture replacement problem

    I changed the order to look like this: addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( getThisResource() ), function () txd = engineLoadTXD ( "cam.txd" ) if (engineImportTXD ( txd, 1237 )) then outputChatBox ( "TXD => TRUE") else outputChatBox ( "TXD => FALSE") end dff = engineLoadDFF ( "cam.dff" ) if(engineReplaceModel ( dff, 1237 )) then outputChatBox ( "DFF => TRUE") else outputChatBox ( "DFF => FALSE") end col = engineLoadCOL( "cam.col" ) if(engineReplaceCOL( col, 1237 )) then outputChatBox ( "COL => TRUE") else outputChatBox ( "COL => FALSE") end end) But now the camera object is black: Without the TXD replace function it's white as I show at beginning.
  12. Texture replacement problem

    Hi, Im trying to import some objects from GTA IV to my MTA Server. I watched some videos and in result I made dff, col and txd file. When I uploaded it to my server the object model was exactly like I want it to be. The collision was working fine too, but the object texture was blank - it looks like the same with the txd file teplaced and without the txd file replaced, so I think that the problem is with this file. I was trying to find a solution but it didnt give an effect. For better clarity I'm explaining how I add an material to the object. - Please read the descriptions of the images, start reading from the bottom of the page. Please help me and dont know what am I doing wrong.