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  1. Hello, everyone! After less than two weeks we will open a new MTA DayZ server! Small information about our server: Base System. Rank System. Money System. (Including payday, and also you can send money to your friend) Shop System. (F3) Group System. (F2) Leaderboard System. (F10) Arena System. (F7) Airdrop System. (Server admins will start every 10-20 minutes) Bonuses? Of course: First 20 players will get a free base + armybox. Base is for 3 months. Free VIP on Saturdays, and Sundays. Contacts: Join our discord server, and send message to any staff member -
  2. theFOUR

    [REL] SAPG DayZ gamemode

    do you have any screenshots of this gamemode?
  3. It says that ""Your server is too old". So, i can't buy.
  4. Features in our server: Base system. Rank system. Money system. (You can send money to Your friends, press F6 and You can get payday too) Shop system. (Press F3) Group system. (Press F2) Leaderboard system. (Press F1) Arena. (Press F7) Airdrop system. Minimal player reguirements 10. What about bonuss? We're giving first 20 players free bases and 1 army box in base. Base is for 3 months. SF Naval and Area 51 You can find 5 army boxes. Some players can get a VIP. How to contact with us? Discord - theFOUR#8841 or Emīls#8697 Skype - zixisnoriz In server Forum - SOON We are a new DayZ server, but we updating server everyday. Feel free to join us, and get your free base. IP - mtasa://