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  1. I got some more ideas I remembered after playing last night. On the runway strip at the airport where the plane lands. You race toward the water to see who wins. BUT, remember in the old days, 1950s movies, where the highschoolers would race on the cliff, and whomever stopped first lost? But usually someone did it too far and fell off the cliff? Well, in this mode, you have to race till the end, but if you don't stop close enough to the edge you either lose, or you fall in the water.
  2. I vote no. This isnt, There.com . And I think it'd be a bit annoying, and possible just more packets to the lost packet garbage bag.
  3. The beachball pic is on Starfish Island. If you're facing the loop from Vercetti Mansion, its on the right street. Its an empty pool.
  4. Ill say something about the Manhunt idea, even though I came up with it awhile ago on a server and hadnt posted about it, we played it at a LAN party recently. We only had 6 people, and it was difficult to find the person. So maybe their arrow should be a different color. And maybe make it on only 1 island due to the size of the islands. Racing: At the airport the roads are circles, pretty much, and so maybe we can make those circuit races. A few people may know what i'm talking about because they've been on a stunt server that i've tried to get people to actually race on them. Anyways, may
  5. Beachball time (the bike was bouncing on the ball)
  6. sorry about the big pics. they just look better.
  7. Don't remember what server this was from, but was a fun time.
  8. The config file is fine. It's binded as T to chat. But it doesnt work!
  9. Sorry about the search, will do next time. I have the config, it shows t as being for chat. And I can see the chat window in-game. But even after I re-installed MTA it didn't work. Hrm
  10. I cannot post in Bugs etc, so i'll post it here. I cannot chat in game anymore. I dont know what I did, but if I hit T, nothing happens. Home works though, to hop on bikes/ in cars. So, anyone have help on this?
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