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  1. Hi im looking for a script that kill's other groups/people's if they enter your base and that is freezing unused cars and give them god mode . I saw this script on some dayz server's . Thanks.
  2. Ohh i see noone will help me...
  3. Someone have ideas how to help me?
  4. uhh u know im talking about dayz gamemode i add new car to: cfgVehicles.lua table_vehicles.lua vehicles_init.lua and it still doesn't spawn
  5. Can someone help me please?
  6. Hello guys .So my problem is that i can't spawn added vehicle to the DayZ v0.9.9.5a . It can't spawn itself but spawned from admin panel show how much part's it need etc . But it must spawn itself .And how do i change cars names ? I know u guys can help me so let's do it . PS Sorry for bad english
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