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  1. Hi, like in title, does it check file(example data/timecyc.dat) weight, or date of last modification? I ask for future MTA fork for total convertion, which have modifired files, so best for me it's adjusting "verification module" for my new files.
  2. I saw that yesterday, but I fear this can freeze door in other than closed position. If so, I would need code to check door rotation, but I don't know how dynamic object "swingdoor" is seen by game (does it know present rotation angle of this object). I know it's possible to do with "lockdoor" object(player can't open this door, door are open only when player get to interior(in SP)), because I saw that on some server, where player can buy apartment, and lock or unlock door(interior isn't in heaven like normal intriors, just in normal SA world).
  3. moveObject For what? I want disable swinging of original GTA SA door, which have "physic", not write other script for statistic object.
  4. Hi, it is possible to use GTA SA opcode 0905(set door object to close, or open) in LUA script? Or how can I create door object(by script), and get possibility to continue script by add options for set this door closeable, or set this door openable?
  5. After I create second txd file for "ground" textures, I thought textures limit for one txd file is ~64 images, but now I see it's work with more textures. I still have to copy some textures for few objects, but it's still better than to copy most of them.
  6. I noticed that the "txdp" section from data/maps x.ide files, doesn't work properly in MTA. Actually it doesn't work at all, MTA ignores list of textures extension, so many of my new objects have missing textures, because MTA load textures for this model, only from txd archive which are type after dff name in "inst" section in .ide file. If MTA run clear gtasa.exe, and txdp feature work on this clear gtasa.exe(without any asis, etc.) so why it's don't work on MTA?
  7. Ok, problem with missing texutres are solved by resource with only: txd = engineLoadTXD ("XXlecbud1.txd") engineImportTXD(txd,5050) and missing textures are visible at all models which needs this texutres(not only model 5050). But, i's possible to load texture (in meta " <file src="XXlecbud1.txd" />") from game files, I mean not from resources, but from my new img archive, which is used by my modded game? BTW.I don't see edit option for my last post, so forgive me doubleposting(if it's forbidden here)
  8. Objects have this flag, and in SP it's work(like in pics in first post). In MTA only alpha without alpha texture(using only material opacity) have this problem. For test I add this object like resource, join to server from clear GTA SA, and windows are still black. The method of adding this object doesn't make a difference. MTA have unknown problem with alpha by material opacity, and problem with extended txd files by txdp.
  9. 1. If I add model with windows by recource, and play on unmodified game, it doesn't work too. 2. Where? Object with alpha in texture are displayed correctly, only this windows without any texture in txd file. Only diffuse color are displayed, but not alpha.
  10. Hi, I start MTA server on my new map(SA map was cleaned by MAP Cleaner, and I add new img archive, new ide and ipl files with new objects), and I have problems. As you can see on pics bellow, MTA can't show objects with vertex alpha(gradient vanishing on edges of object), can't show GTA material(which I use for windows, polygons was textured by GTA Material with gray color, and alpha, so it's look like window), and also can't show textures form other txd file, which are defined in "txdp" section on "ide" file(object1.dff use texture file texture1.txd, but texture1.txd don't have all textures which are needed by object1.dff, so if game can't find missing texutres in texture1.txd they searching in texture2.txd(and is't don't work on MTA)). Anyone know how to fix it?(I add one object, by resources to server (for test) and problem still exist.) http://funkyimg.com/i/2Gesd.jpg http://funkyimg.com/i/2Geqk.jpg