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  1. Dicks4Breakfast

    reset password feature on SAAW server

    I know you've put so much effort in your server, thus the awesome gameplay. However, you always have to believe that your server will get better and the player base will continue to grow. And I do understand that you have to deal with real life :~, because real life always comes first. I didn't get mad at him?
  2. Dicks4Breakfast

    reset password feature on SAAW server

    If you " have no time " to work on improving and adding more features to your server, then why did you make a server in the first place? It's not a " once in a while " problem, once this server gets big you'll need to add one, so why not add it from now?
  3. Dicks4Breakfast

    SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

    Mind checking this please @Einheit-101.
  4. Dicks4Breakfast

    reset password feature on SAAW server

    I don't have any resource(s) for this. However, it is very easy to add if there are good scripters, hence why it's available in basically everything.
  5. Dicks4Breakfast

    reset password feature on SAAW server

    Hello! So, I've come up with this easy and simple idea which is to add a " reset password " feature. Basically what it does is reset your password. For example: If somebody has an account but that person have forgotten his account password, then there's no way for him to get his account back, and he would have to either make a new account and lose all of his progress and hard work, or he can contact, Einheit, and this will take a long time because of course, Einheit, is busy and has things to do and maybe Einheit is just inactive or whatsoever. So, adding a " reset password/ forgot password " feature which is simple, and the way it works is very easy, it just sends your password to your email, or it can send some link to your email, and then you would have to make a new password then login.