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  1. Guys this is the full script and the playerName, playerPassword, ID and the PlayerMoney are nil, what should I need to do? local host = "hotstname..." local username = "username..." local password = "password..." local db = "db_name" local results = {} local connection = dbConnect("mysql","dbname=dbname;host=hostname", username, password, "autoreconnect=1") local qh = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM `asd` WHERE `ID` = ?", 1) local row = dbPoll(qh, -1) if (row) then for k, row in ipairs (row) do local id = tonumber(row["ID"]) local playerName = tostring(row["PlayerName"]) local playerPassword = tostring(row["PlayerPassword"]) local PlayerMoney = tonumber(row["PlayerMoney"]) end end
  2. how/where can i add privileges to an account
  3. Hello guyz. I have the following problem: I have an mta:sa server, and I'm trying to connect it to mysql, but it doesn't work. It finds the table, but the table has records in it, which cannot be found.