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  1. Hello ein.How its goin.İ hope its good. Few days ago CoolApple said me something. An Admin/Mod named Dyxa gave players rank 22.(5 or 6 players and he send me a photo.They all was 1-2 hours played players and they was rank 22) is that right or should we take his admin/mod ? Take care ! wash ur hands for covid-19 ! See you Ein !
  2. Nice work Ein.I hope players play often after this update
  3. Why server died for weeks ? its always 0 people in server.Rarely 4 or 5 people in.What is the problem ? gamers are bored or something like that ? i wanna play it but no enemy or teamfriend. Pls play this server. İ will don't let die this server !
  4. Hey Ein!,İ wanna tell you something. Server recently started to crash too much. I thought that this latest update is causing these crashes? If there is such a thing, please correct it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, Einheit-101! I hope you're good. I want to report something to you. A few minutes ago İ was in SAAW, and a Moderator by the name of '' Marxman '' produced a ship, took helicopters, a jetpack, and now made the server Bugs. When the players are born, we're in the water and we're drowning, than dead
  6. I cant remember my account pls help in game my name is SS-Reichspraesident-SS Im friend Broteam