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  1. Not gonna lie my dude this server does look heavily "inspired" by saur i mean the whole f11 map looks like a replica of the saur map. Now i know you said that you worked hard and designed your own scripts for it but unless you built some new creative aspects and turn it around I fear your server might dust off under the rug.
  2. RavenTFR

    Memory error

    I keep getting crashes on this one battlefield server every time I try to respawn, at first it wouldn't even let me login to the game but it was because of the skin mods they had with an option to download them(in server), after removing all the skin mods. It worked i was abel to log in and play on server but i occasionally crashed after respawning now its every time I respawn it gibes me this memory error, and the weird part is this is the only server thats causing me these memory crashes i even reinstalled mta with no success, don't have the gta sa setup so haven't tested that out, although
  3. Have you guys decided on a release date yet? I'm eagerly waiting for it's release
  4. Cool server, I played on it a bit had fun killing zs. They also got some graphics enhancement stuff as well like blur effects, depth in field, a very scary night mode and stuff. Overall I am saying you will like it if you're willing to give it a whirl.
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