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  1. Searching For Lua Programmer to help us in Verison 5.0 Our Commiunty:
  2. TandoSA


    dxDrawRelativeText(""..page.." / "..pageCount, 630, 628, 669, 681, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 2.00, "default-bold", "left", "center", false, false, true, false, false) if selectedType == "N/A" then else for i,v in ipairs (clientItems) do itimage = v["item"] if itimage == "Morphine Seed" then itimage = "Morphine" end if itimage == "Cocaine Seed" then itimage = "Cocaine" end if itimage == "DMT Seed" then itimage = "DMT" end if itimage == "PCP Seed" then itimage = "PCP" end if itimage == "2x Nitrous" then itimage = "nitro" end if itimage == "5x Nitrous" then itimage = "nit
  3. TandoSA


    Hello, I Need Help Inside This Script if selectedType == "N/A" then else for i,v in ipairs (clientItems) do itimage = v["item"] itemline = math.ceil(i/7) if (itemline ~= itemoline)then itemz = 1 end if (i <= 5) and (itemz > i) then itemz = 1 end if selectedType == "Evenrything" then dxDrawRelativeImage(466+76*itemz, 150+61*itemline, 62, 51, "images/items/"..itimage..".png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false) i want make +1Page after 15Items? Can Anyone Help me?
  4. We are going to Release Verison 5.0 Soon Wait us
  5. We are searching For Scripter ! IF You about Lua Pm me Server :
  6. UPDATE ScreenShots: Login: UCP: Skin Accessories: Phone: Support Chat: Spawners: Vehicle Shop: SkinShop: Drug Dealer: Gym: Team Deathmatch: Bank Robbery: Record: We still Growing i hope to see u ingame
  7. SAUG:RPG Verison 4.8 has been Released General UPDATES: New Bussines System has been ADDED , You Will recieve 10% of Money From ur own shop Now, GrandeLauncher Switched with Teargas,Grande,Molotov VIP Flags has been Added In-Game Event System : Free For All has been ADDED Fallout Event has been UPDATED Level System : Added Sound Effect , UI On Level UP Police Job : Has been UPDATED Taser : You Can't Tase Player with Red Head VIP System : Tag Has been Added only for VIP Premium Clan System : Added Own Blip and NameTag For Clan Members New TDM Has Been Added on LS,
  8. Making 500 Topics For Server Name SAEG:RPG ? OMG One Topic enough
  9. Server Record Has been UPDATED Now Server Record is : 40
  10. GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS Added New Look For Login Added New Inventory, Now you will see Items with own IMG Mask System has been Added , You can Buy masks from SkinShop New DX Skin Shop has been added New Taser System has been added New Look For UCP, Hope to like it Added Party System Inside UCP, Enjoy ! Added New Menu System [ About,PM,Revive,Trade,Invite To clan ] Added New Look For Spawners , OwnedVehiclesSpawners Added New Trade System Back Turfs To LV,SF Added Respected Group Turfs in LS Added New Level System, Now u
  11. I had never join this server Before So idk which inside it To copy anything from it Thanks For Reply to Our main topic of SAUG
  12. Hello everybody, We have made our new veriosn Since our server has been STOPPED i Think all Players Suggestion has been ADDED General News: Jobs: Events: Bug Fixes: Staff Logs: Check Staff Logs/Roster on saugrpg.tk New Developer Has been joined with us ScreenShots: Server Recored : Still growing i hope to see u ingame
  13. TandoSA

    Armour Help

    Thanks u alot i have finished it
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