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  1. [Help]Notifications System

  2. [Help]Notifications System

    nothing too
  3. [Help]Notifications System

  4. [Help]Notifications System

    nothing too
  5. [Help]Notifications System

    This script already shared in mtasa scripts but server.lua not working it's function showBox(player, value, str) if isElement(player) then triggerClientEvent(player, "CreateBox", getRootElement(), value, str) end end link:https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=5812
  6. [Help]Notifications System

    not working
  7. [Help]Notifications System

    not working i thing it's need addEventHandler("onNotificationWindowShow") right ?
  8. [Help]Notifications System

    any one answer ?
  9. Help in linux VPS

    help plz i want connect my sv with database and idk what i do i already make Mysql in my sv but when i start sv scripts started without connect with database= i can't register or anything i need it mysql database of telplto host like it
  10. [Help]Notifications System

    OMG this false i need it by own text not show text
  11. Help in linux VPS

    Hello , i bought vps for remove high ping and let my scripts safe without share or anything but when i finished upload and i added phpmyadmin account in SAUGSQL scripts didn't work in scripts some one told me u have to download xampp and start Mysql/apache for let it work but xampp for windows only not linux so may i get help plz ? how to fix mysql ? my sql system like Tepleto host + gameserver-sponsor
  12. [RPG]SAUG:RPG |3.5| [English]

    Sry Bro we had problem in mta / scripts / host but we fixed everything Hello everybody, We had much problems with SAUG:RPG and we fixed everything we Got own vps We made alot of news: New Verison (3.8) Has release New Weapon Factory system New Login system New Jail/JB System Added SC System for cops in LSPD Fixed LangChat system New Turfs places / Changed price of Turf from $7500 to $8800 New Bank / Bank Robbery system Fixed t/kill message Added more Shops Fixed Afk Zone New Update system New MCC System New Donate System with Prices Fixed Drug system with new GUI New Inventory GUI Fixed forum bug : saugmta.cf Added Kill List for Gangster/Terrorists New perks shop added in LSPD Fixed Presents Added everywhere in SA Map Fixed Truker/Pizza/Polit job New Vehicles Shop added Added New Spawner system New Skins Mod added in Skins shop Added Airport in LS/SF/LV Added DrugDelivery LS/LV Added Trusted Members in forum : saugmta.cf added fb group / discord in forum Added Bussines System Added Barman system in [AFKZones/Jail] Added New UCP/Phone Added New Lottery System So please Help us to grow strong vs all servers and give good image to all u can invite ur friends to SAUG For break our record and back as old with +35Players Discord Invite:https://discordapp.com/invite/fwSTUhu Forum Link: saugmta.cf Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/141559259848558/ Server will open after some hours just wait us we will give u mesg before open
  13. [Help]Notifications System

    may u make it plz bcs i have some problems with making function function showTextDisplay ( player, command ) local serverDisplay = textCreateDisplay() -- create a text display textDisplayAddObserver ( serverDisplay, player ) -- make it visible to a player local serverText = textCreateTextItem ( "Hello world!", 0.5, 0.5 ) -- create a text item for the display textDisplayAddText ( serverDisplay, serverText ) -- add it to the display so it is displayed end addCommandHandler( "showText", showTextDisplay ) this i want inside logo + with acl group "staff" or "admin" anything
  14. [RPG]SAUG:RPG |3.5| [English]

    Hello everybody, iam coming with news SAUG:RPG 3.5 Going to back after 2days New forum : saugmta.cf New systems Fixed Warzone Fixed Inventory/Drug Added killlist
  15. [Help]Notifications System

    yea !! like info