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  1. Nevermind its online now.
  2. Wow. Thats a big update there. Btw why server has shut down ? its Offline. Can't wait to test lel.
  3. And By the way. Some people that i dont want to give their name. They are just insulting staff and people. Mostly me like %90 of the time. I showed that guy since this morning always muting him. But after a while it started to get on my nerves. Started putting his name like GO_F''K_YOURSELF. I banned him for 40 min. Shall i show them mercy ? Or is it up to mine choice. I can be a good police or an bad police. I hate banning people but sometimes they really make me mad. Though im resisting by muting them.
  4. @Einheit-101 There is an 2 huge and interesting bugs 1. Andryusha and Werfer or the missile trucks. When you pick airborne ranger and ordance training perk. IT SHOOTS 25 MISSILE IN 0.50 SECENDS lol. Is it a bug i think so u need to reduce its speed i think. https://ibb.co/dYkFbe 2. Friendly artillery can damage Friendly vehicles. Any of them. Even you are on the vehicle. And AT-Mines are so weak. They are supposed to be strong and op. Its to destroy tanks. Even a AT- Mine on Poland cant destroy AFV in 1 mine.
  5. @STRIKE-EAGLE Umm... What do you mean ?
  6. @Einheit-101 When you prone in FPS mode. It just like... And those arms lol. FPS reacts diffrent based on where you walk at. https://ibb.co/f6iTaU https://ibb.co/jEoi9p https://ibb.co/kXCt9p AND SPECIAL CONGATULATIONS TO STAFF MEMBER JAKK. WHICH HAS REACHED 1000 HOURS !! Problaly im the first one who noticed alone in the server with him while he was afk lol.
  7. @Einheit-101 @R4FSAN Let me explain to make this clear. 1st Pic: Somebody problaly thought he used panel to regain 100 HP or to give armor. I don't really think so beacuse while in spectator you can't see players health or armor so its not really clear. R4FSAN mostly uses toughness i think. Beacuse its hard to kill them. (Sometimes you can see the health but not armor) 2nd Pic: @Einheit-101 I don't know how the f'ck he did that. But somehow he slapped JN without nick. People can think im doing this. So can you fix that ? And yeah in Pic R4F is going cross towards to rock. He might be right. 3rd Pic: Yeah i think thats an abuse. Since players can't get there. 4th Pic: Not sure tf happened there. Nothing is clear. 5th Pic: Again how tf slapping without R4FSAN nick there. And also not sure what happened R4FSAN also spawned a Hydra on Assault map. Drived a while until i warned him to get out of the map. He also created a team called OOF in TAB tf. Nvm dont abuse now or i will kill you in the Bangladesh.
  8. Are you kidding me ? First of all since R4FSAN became a mod. He never spammed since 2 months, i can assure you that.We were testing stuff in 7:44 for my time which i was supposed to sleep. We found a bug, spawned cars etc... This guy just came out with an spawned car of mine (infernus) and then killed me. After i killed him. He became mad and reported us. He did even called us kids. Morg in pictures was my friend. He had fun which i never actually slapped him. i slapped raf back. This guy said; We killed you with jetpack while you killed us first which i had no god mode on. https://ibb.co/dmhOLU We were doing tests in rocks. Which this guy just came to our position. We warned him that we were doing tests. R4FSAN and i "NEVER" abused more than 4/60 players; And those 4 players were always our friends and we were having fun. Seriously, when we tried to explain to him. He just ignored us, called us kids and just reported us IN THE FORUM BY NO EXACT REASON. When i tried to explain to him he said;, I dont care, you are kids etc... i got ss if you want. Though, its not a big deal idk why he reported us for such a small thing.
  9. @Einheit-101 Here are some suggestions and bugs about SAAW 1,1S S:If you are burning beacuse of an molotov. If you lay on ground. Like if you have 100 hp and if you are in prone mode. You'll survive with 40 HP left. Beacuse its so annoying that you can run off from a grenade but not molotovs; Also friendly molotovs are an cancer. 2,1B: MG81 IS LIKE OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG DUDE... If you headshot someone 5 times with MG81 machine gun as medic (idk does it works with other classes) it kills in 6th shot. You can't do headshot kill with MG81. And you also cant headshot with suomi and ppsh i think. I am not %70 sure but i think so. 3.,2S: You really gotta add some new custom animations. GTA IV anims really do suck. It just bugs player model as hell. And a kübelwagen hits you and if you fell. You can stand up in justttt in 10 secends. 4,2B: If you are an japanese sniper. And climb an ladder. (also works with some other models) This weird thing happens. Does he takes a :~ or what ? https://ibb.co/ddaOn9 5,Q1: Can OFF-NİGHTLY players join the server ? Beacuse server just got reach to like 30 players. And im really happy for it. 6,3B: You can't buy anything from the shop in El Alemain (D FLAG) I tried but it gave me nothing. 7,Q2: Shall we ban Spawn killing and spawn camping ? Beacuse many people hates it and rage quits beacuse of it.
  10. @LosFaul Artillery only map would be an disaster to be honest. And there is none as i know.
  11. @Einheit-101 Actually you don't have to be in discord server. Its just for reports and some chat since most of players don't know Russian for VK And yes, I know server has not created for Italy. But if you just play 24 hours, 19 hours of it is Italy. Since it takes 3/4 of the day; you really need to fix it.
  12. @Einheit-101 8. I just found this now in-game. When Godray Shader on F1 is on. Flare doesn't blind you in some camera angles. Only when godray shader is on https://ibb.co/hFTYJ9
  13. @Einheit-101 1. Can we create a discord server ? It should be offical. For reports and stuff. 2. You really need to reduce anti-spawn in TDM maps. Espically Italy. Its so long that you can run half of the map and kill everyone so easily. After reduce if spawn kills goes up too much we can put a rule about it. 3. Can you make the staff command (freeze) %100 impossible ? You can shoot people while frozen also can walk via Zoom +, Zoom - 4. In future can you rework on German skins ? Beacuse most of them has the same face (Soldier, Officer, Radio Operator,) 5. I think i said this before. Can you add a symbol,text on chat or a new nick color for wanted player. Beacuse its hard to find them and also sometimes wanted player text doesn't show up. 6. In Lagoon map, USA artillery can shoot waay down to Nazi base. (while nazi artys cannot) There is no mean for trench warfare since its 1 hit. And sandbags doesn't really protect you from artillery shells. Can you fix this ? 7. Set Health and Set Armour (admin panel) are so messed up. When you try to give urself 2 armour it gives u 7 and etc... https://ibb.co/imqkWU
  14. @Einheit-101 I think there is no point for /secret command. Since you still got MOD tag on. Doesn't really matters.
  15. @STRIKE-EAGLE Server switched his mod to Nightly. you need to download it from https://nightly.mtasa.com/ Until auto-update will be enabled for server. But i dont recommend play. Beacuse there are no players.