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  1. Ein, Lag is back it always happens in same time. https://ibb.co/jMSMy8
  2. I am writing this now while in game. People are having big amount of ping recently. Is this normal ? https://ibb.co/dsYE1T https://ibb.co/ikgTT8 Edit1: Btw is it DDOS attack ? or map ? (Africa) Edit2: Its not beacuse of Africa i changed map and its still lag as hell now its (Italy), Saul and many players are timed out i was too. https://ibb.co/h1sPJ8 Edit3: People started to complain about the lag https://ibb.co/euEFQo Edit4: OMG this lag gone too far. when i changed to Italy, i joined germany and look what props reacted. Im changing weapons in like 7 secends and sometimes grenade's ammo are being bugged and turns to MP40 ammo https://ibb.co/gSQTd8 https://ibb.co/fbweko
  3. Thank you Ein. its sure that its an barbaric and childish move.
  4. Now there is a freak from battlefield server always says THİS SERVER WİLL BE CLOSED TOMORROW SO ALL GO OUT TO BATTLEFİELD. Note: He bugs the chat and sais 1 million times THİS SERVER WİL... Note2: He speaked 1 time but it was russian i wasnt able to understand MAKSIM also talked to him Note3: its going on like 3 days and he always changes name it was . this day Note4 and BİG NOTE: He always but always does the spectate bug to skip maps and server was 13/60 its downgraded to 3/60 bc of him Photo1: https://ibb.co/gtvPfd Photo2: https://ibb.co/kWwx0d Photo3: https://ibb.co/mHKpDy Photo4: https://ibb.co/ghDo6J Photo5 (note: it was taked 2 days ago when his name was "Padavan"): https://ibb.co/kHkUDy We can't even play in server comfortable pls take care of this.
  5. Hey Einheit i just found a gamebreaking bug that causes spectate player to spawn end the map when he dies. Photo 1 : https://hizliresim.com/5DWG4M Photo 2 https://hizliresim.com/EPvyYn Photo 3 https://hizliresim.com/76RybW Photo 4 https://hizliresim.com/RndOB6