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  1. Hello Ein. I would like to inform you that Italian pionier skin is a girl. (ID 251) https://ibb.co/nfzvgBL Idk if its messed up by someone or bugged out. I am not gonna blame anyone for this, since i dont know. When i joined on server today. airstrike carriers was playing on the server. And some people had girl skins. JN was online so i thought JN gave them those skills for fun. But later when Italy opened up couple of minutes ago. Italian pionier skin is literally a girl in red dress.
  2. Whoaaaaaa !!!! Better than i thought. Thanks Ein ! And I FINALLY HAVE A TURK MOD FRIEND HEHEUHEUHE. It's a huge update. Like i can't point out which one is the best one. Ty again.
  3. Upload + Brits can wait. We learned to be patient from you Ein.
  4. As always, great job Ein ! Ty for the update.
  5. @annonymus0269 Lol that reminded me of a Assassin's Creed dialogue.
  6. Should we add rules ? To make people understand easier.
  7. Public map editor ? Wow that sounds awsome.
  8. Wait who is the teamkiller ? I see few names on pics. (Btw as i understand its CoolApple and Katharina (Dimmy)) Is it . as well ? (. is actually R4FSAN and im %99.9 sure he knew that you were Einheit-101) And Merry Christmas to you too :3
  9. R8ZOM

    SANAL ROLEPLAY | Gerçek Roleplay #Hard

    SA-MP dediğin an kazandın beni. En yakın zamanda deneyeceğim. Başarılar !
  10. Ein the M8 Light armoured car and other german one which i forgot his name. Can blow up any tank with 2 HE shots. Even The King Tiger
  11. I don't think you can drop weapons with a flare gun. Its ok for ammos but guns are hard to do i think. @Einheit-101 Maybe you can add that to Officer or Radio Operator (maybe both) to call ammo drop from sky ? Via binoculars. Can make it work like Off-Map Artillery. (Off-Map Drop or smthng)