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  1. ty and how can i do that only the admin can use this command?
  2. there are 1 resources which is called Los santos Custom and if I am restart the Grotti Car shop then those tunings will disappear from the cars. It is also good if you write 1 resourcot that is tuning
  3. Anarchia

    Help pls D:

    WARNING: sh_admins\admincommands:lua:3: Bad argument @'isObjectInACLGroup' [expected string at argument 1, got boolean] WARNING: sh_admins\admincommands:lua:3: Bad argument @''setElementPosition' [Expected element at argument 1,got nil] function gotovh (thePlayer) local account = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup(aclGetGroup("Admin,Moderator,Owner")) then end setElementPosition( player, 0, 0, 3 ) -- teleport player to the centre of SA end addCommandHandler("vh", gotovh)
  4. Hi! pls add new version save los santos custom tuning. thx. Great job!
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