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  1. 1 Windows XP Home 2 No 3 C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 4 C:\Program Files\MTA 5 Yes 6 Yes 7. 1.0 ( Never had a problem with 2.2 on 1.0 ) 8 Every single time
  2. I was NSA][seth and I am not to sure on the ban time, very early morning like 5 am I believe.
  3. Hard to track one down when I can't communicate over the servers, my ip is though.
  4. Mediacom, It is a static IP. I remember some guy saying I was cheating or something because I killed him and that bug happens where they think they are hitting you but they aren't happens, making it appear I had a sort of God Mode. I fidn it awkward though for me to be killed right before I was banned by another player though, this player wielding a Gatling Gun =/
  5. WHat are the dimensions of this lard phalic structure? I have always wanted to cheat before =P
  6. ...I was just banned from the other official server now. What in the blue hell?
  7. I don't cheat, so I don't know how I was caught cheating or whatever I was banned for. I would like to talk to an admin about this if they have the time.
  8. Well will I get unbanned? I don't like having to play in laggy servers for some strange reason.
  9. What the hell? I tried to join the official Mta server a while ago, and it said something about me being banned?!?! I logged off my comp at about 5:30 am...and was still able to play then. Can somebody tell me what I did?
  10. Like, me sending you on a mission to go cap someone, or bring me a car. Or take me in a helicopter. I am looking to start a gang after I get used to PC.
  11. Seth

    Paying Gang Members

    Will there be a function to give some of your money to a teamate so they may purchase weapons and the like after they complete a mission? More or less for RP purposes.
  12. Oh okay, so I can do this from the MTA version, but before I enter game? Or in single player, sorry for sounding noobish. Also anyone interested in playing tonight contact me via ICQ, MSN or something. I mgith be int he mood for some mission rpg too.
  13. Im liking what I am seeing so far. I am trying to get used to a pc controls, can't fly a helicopter yet though , not sure of what I press to learn forward So until then I guess we shall never know. I am thinking of going to pick up a USB port for my PS2 controller. Does that sound like a good idea? I kind of like using mouse and keyboard to be truthful. Oh, and if you could post what I press to lean forward in copter maybe I will deathmatch you sometime!! Or stunt with you, or hold and rp mission! Thanks! Seth P.S. Keep up the hard work. Oh and where do I change my ig resolution? I tried i
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