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  1. send me 0.6.7dayz link please !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I bring the GM DayZ 0.6.7 of Marwin totally free of bugs (fixed by me) and errors. Ready to edit to your liking. I hope you enjoy it! DOWNLOAD! https://hadesmta.blogspot.mx/2018/04/mtadayz-067-simplificada-limpia.html
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  4. Do not buy! On my page I am giving a GM of DayZ. • No Errors (Fixed by me) • There is no lag • Simple • Decompiled https://hadesmta.blogspot.mx/2018/04/mtadayz-067-simplificada-limpia.html
  5. ~Hades~

    Bug in my hud

    The function that does that is; setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( player thePlayer, string component, bool show ) I leave the wiki page of this function for you to read a little https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPlayerHudComponentVisible Good luck!
  6. ~Hades~

    double hud

    You have to disable HUD Component of GTASA Use this: setPlayerHudComponentVisible ( string component, bool show ) component: The component you wish to show or hide. Valid values are: all: All of the following at the same time ammo: The display showing how much ammo the player has in their weapon area_name: The text that appears containing the name of the area a player has entered armour: The display showing the player's armor breath: The display showing the player's breath clock: The display showing the in-game time health: The display showing the player's health money: The display showing how much money the player has radar: The bottom-left corner miniradar vehicle_name: The text that appears containing the player's vehicle name when the player enters a vehicle weapon: The display showing the player's weapon radio: The display showing the radio label wanted: The display showing the player's wanted level crosshair: The weapon crosshair and sniper scope In the second argument it must be true if you want it to be visible and false in the case that it does not
  7. Para activar el bot me parece que es: setBotAttackEnabled( element theBot, bool enabled) o puedes usar: setBotChase ( element theBot, element theTarget ) Para buscar algún objetivo en especifico Aqui te dejo el link de todas las funciones que exporta slothbot. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Slothman/Slothbot#Server_Functions
  8. Script type will be "Client" not server. <script src="replace.lua" type="client"/>
  9. I just answered to a member of the community how to change the cj, it would be the same creating several id models of cj. I hope I've helped. Good Luck bro!
  10. ~Hades~


    The only way to replace CJ is with shaders. Example; Client.lua addCommandHandler("change", function() triggerServerEvent( "Clothes", localPlayer) local shader1 = dxCreateShader( "shader.fx", 0, 0, false, "ped" ) local torso = dxCreateTexture ( "WhiteCJ/torso.png" )--path of torso.png engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader1, "cj_ped_torso", localPlayer, true )--body part of cj(torso) dxSetShaderValue ( shader1, "gTexture", torso ) local shader2 = dxCreateShader( "shader.fx", 0, 0, false, "ped" ) local face = dxCreateTexture ( "WhiteCJ/face.png" )--path of face.png engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader2, "cj_ped_head", localPlayer, true )--body part of cj(head) dxSetShaderValue ( shader2, "gTexture", face ) local shader3 = dxCreateShader( "shader.fx", 0, 0, false, "ped" ) local legs = dxCreateTexture ( "WhiteCJ/legs.png" )--path of legs.png engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader3, "cj_ped_legs", localPlayer, true )--body part of cj(legs) dxSetShaderValue ( shader3, "gTexture", legs ) local shader4 = dxCreateShader( "shader.fx", 0, 0, false, "ped" ) local foot = dxCreateTexture ( "WhiteCJ/foot.png" ) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( shader4, "cj_ped_feet", localPlayer, true ) dxSetShaderValue ( shader4, "gTexture", foot ) end) shader.fx texture gTexture; technique replace { pass P0 { Texture[0] = gTexture; } } The only error that you have is that if you have clothes that are also equipped you will change the texture, it is something that I have not been able to solve. But if that is the code to replace CJ. This script helps you to know the name of the shaders in the game, so you can change them. http://nightly.mtasa.com/files/shaders/shader_tex_names.zip