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  1. How do i do it

  2. How do i do it

    shadow_team = createTeam("shadow",255,0,0) function shadow_func(player) local px,py,pz = getElementPosition(player) setPlayerTeam ( player, shadow_team ) triggerClientEvent(player, "onClientSoundEvent", player) shuk = exports [ "slothbot" ]:spawnBot ( px, py - 3, pz, 0, 164, 0, 0, getPlayerTeam(player), 10, "hunting", true ) setTimer ( function ( ) destroyElement(shuk) end ,500000, 1 ) outputChatBox("Kuchiyose Shadow Mini!", l_1_0, 255, 0, 0, false) end addCommandHandler("shadow-master-obito", shadow_func) How do I make the bot faster and have more life I will leave my code
  3. help

    Hello Could you tell me how this is used? setObjectRotation (object, rotX, rotY, rotZ)
  4. Is this possible?

  5. Help

    Could you give me an example? is that I'm new to this
  6. Help

    Hello How do I make it so that when I point to a player and write the command, I create the object where the player is pointed?
  7. Is this possible?

    is it possible to put the smoke from object 689 to dark purple?
  8. Help

    I also need you to help me so that the object appears in front of me, and tried but the object keeps appearing where I am and I want it in front of me objs = {} function objE(player) local xb, yb, zb = getElementPosition(player) local origX, origY, origZ = getElementPosition (player) local rx, ry, rz = getElementRotation ( thePlayer ) local matrixs = (Matrix.create( xb, yb, zb-100, rx, ry, rz,origX,origY,origZ)) local forward = ( Matrix.getForward ( matrixs ) * 4) local positions = (Matrix.getPosition( matrixs ) + forward) objs[player] = createObject(689, positions) local newZ = origZ -1 moveObject( objs[player], 6000,origX, origY,newZ) end addCommandHandler("god",objE)
  9. Help

    Thank you
  10. Help

    Help in the console I get error: move \ server.lua: 14: attemp to call global'moveobject' <a table value> help please as I do so that the object leaves the earth only the object appears and does not move objs = {} function objE(player) local xb,yb,zb = getElementPosition(player) local rxb,ryb,rzb = getElementRotation(player) local origX, origY, origZ = getElementPosition (player) local matrixs = (Matrix.create(xb,yb,zb, rxb,ryb,rzb, origX,origY,origZ)) local forward = (Matrix.getForward(matrixs) * 15) local positions = (Matrix.getPosition(matrixs) + forward) objs[player] = createObject(689,xb+15,yb+15,zb-10, positions) local newZ = origZ +20 moveObject( object, 6000,origX, origY,newZ) end addCommandHandler("god",objE)
  11. Help

    Could you give me an example please?
  12. Help

    and how I do it?
  13. Help

    Is it possible to add new weapons in the MTA?
  14. Help CreatePed

    thanks, that I must use so when putting the command appear several ped and not one?
  15. Ayuda CreatePed

    Por favor me podrias dar un ejemplo? es que soy nuevo en esto