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  1. Yeah i know but one for xbox would have a slightly positive effect for pc, the contract is there, rockstar want to make some money so they sell an exclusivity contract to the highest bidder lol
  2. I reckon that Sony shouldn't get the next exclusivity contract and it should be X-Box because its so much more powerful than the PS2 and would have a positive effect on the pc version, I'm not saying that there shouldn't be a PS2 version, just that PS2 owners should wait for a year for a conversion instead of xbox & pc owners.
  3. what i don't like about the ps2 version of the game is how the graphics are all dodgy yet still it runs slower than the pc version on a reasonable machine.
  4. oops sorry sm, got carried away with insperation the snes was good in its day and so were its games. our pc's games should also be good today and not held back by ps2's
  5. yeah but there are still a few certain areas in vice city that show through JonChappel what i'm trying to say is that the game engine is being held back by the fact that it must run on both pc and ps2 Go play on your snes
  6. I saw a trailer for GTA:SA on Gamer TV on Bravo channel today and what can I say? Gameplay looks great but graphics suck, so many sharp irregular edges, then again what can you expect from a ps2? I think its terrible how the GTA series is being prevented from using the all latest gaming technnologies all because of the ps2 and its stinking 4-5 year old hardware, I think that its unfair on pc users who spend thousands of times more money on their systems than console users to have to put up with a console-pc conversion of a good game that could have been much better if it happened to be designe
  7. It just slows the game down for me
  8. When should we be expecting a patch that will fix the bandwidth issue in MTA 0.4?
  9. Could you please tell me some alternative programs to FRAPS for recording videos in vice city since my graphics card can't really handle FRAPS properly. Thanks.
  10. Ok, I'm Up For It But I'm In A Clan Already, Would I Have To Quit It Or Would I Still Be Able To Join Your Stunt Team And Help You Guys Out? I Know How To Run A Server And How To Run Scripts On It.
  11. Well, it is a bit hard to play and aim well whilst trying to collaborate the whole movie over teamspeak at the same time, I personally think that more camera angles and absence of HUD would have made this video much better.
  12. Me & My Fellow Clan Member Lofty Have Made A Funky Video With MTA 0.4 heres the link, copy and paste since it has spaces: http://www.britgamers.com/justin/vice%2 ... evenge.wmv Please give your opinions.
  13. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Whenever I join a server after a few minutes or sometimes seconds I get Disconnected message in game and in the console it says Connection Timeout. This is annoying because the few minutes I've spent actually playing I have loved dearly and enjoyed. The MTA Team Rule The World!
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