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  1. Hmm.. lemme guess.. you made an account just to come and have a feud with a player?.. Nice!
  2. Nah, I'm unbanned but trust me, if that momma's boy AdamZZ is still there and plan in threatening me, he's gonna get a taste of my fist.
  3. Lol.. this server was a :O up and it'll forever be that way. Find better staff members or find a new name without trash in it's background. I was banned for telling an admin what he needs to do. He got butthurt and told me that it's 'his' server and doesn't care about the players. Oh yeah.. his name was some sort of AdamZZ... LOL Best Admin ever!
  4. Is there a discord server? How can people communicate with the staff when they're not in game?
  5. I wouldn't recommend sharing such information in public. Forum private messages are there for a reason.
  6. JudgeJayo

    [REL] Emerlights 1.0 - Emergency Lights

    Six years ago, yeap..
  7. JudgeJayo

    [REL] Emerlights 1.0 - Emergency Lights

    How rude...
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    [Roleplay] Velo Gaming Roleplay [Roleplay]

    It'll be fixed, as soon as the scripter(s) get into it. Thanks for noticing the issue.
  9. JudgeJayo

    [Roleplay] Multi Theft Auto Roleplay [English]

    I agree with that. Plus it makes the server looks Unique.
  10. Our Community, Multi Theft Auto Roleplay, is widely opened for all sort of roelplayers. Whether you're an experienced person or you're new at roleplaying, we're willing to accept you. Our Community was introduced and established a few years ago and is still in existence. Compared to other ones, here we have better and mature staff members who were taught how to deal with situations and problems when they arise. Our respond time in accepting reports is very impressing where a report takes a minimum time of one minute to be accepted and reviewed by a Staff Member. Here, we have both Admins, responsible for Roleplaying situations and other server-based problems, and Gamemasters, who ensures that minor issues are solved. If we notice that someone is facing a disadvantage or they have difficulties, we make it our task to fix them. By doing this, we show players that we care for them and we rely on them. Can you imagine what a server would be like without players as its asset? Some Useful Information to Join our server are found below: Server's IP Address: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tjBcUwf Forum Link: https://forums.mtarp.co User Control Panel (UCP): https://mtarp.co Here at Multi Theft Auto Roleplay, we have various factions and occupations/jobs for persons to experience. The jobs that we offer involves both legal and illegal activities. You can either be a Drug Lord committing crimes within mafias and gangs, a Police Officer enforcing the Law, a Mechanic fixing and repairing vehicles, and much more where those came from. Our aim at Multi Theft Auto Roleplay is to provide reality to the players. Whatever happens in real life is most likely expected to occur in Multi Theft Auto Roleplay. There are Governmental factions where you can involve yourselves in, such as the Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Emergency Services, Los Santos International Airport, San Andreas News Agency, and tons more. We also have a User Control Panel where you can access information about your prior characters and your account settings. Along with that, we have a forum used for connecting with each other and posting important stuff that is relevant for you to know. Above, a discord link, the server's IP Address and the forums/ucp url can be seen. COME AND BE A PART OF US!