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  1. Did not help. Clicked to transfer, the button does not work and does not display the message "Insufficient Funds" Button "Send" does not work
  2. Sorry for the clumsy English Help is needed. I wrote a script to transfer money. The visual part works, but the amount does not transfer. Help, where is the error? Client: addEvent("UI.click", false) addEventHandler("UI.click", resourceRoot, function (widget) if widget == ui.playersList then local items = exports.UI:getItems(ui.playersList) local selectedItem = exports.UI:getActiveItem(ui.playersList) Panel.showPlayerInfo(items[selectedItem].player) elseif widget == ui.CanelButton then Panel.hide() elseif widget == ui.Send
  3. Доброго времени суток, нужна помощь. Как добавить сюда ACL группу, чтобы при нажатии, допустим, на other было "Доступно только для ..." Если нужен полный код, скину function Grid:init() local screenSize = Vector2(exports.UI:getScreenSize()) self.renderTarget = exports.UI:getRenderTarget() self.width = 1000 self.height = 500 self.x = screenSize.x / 2 - self.width / 2 self.y = screenSize.y / 2 - self.height / 2 self.panel = TuningPanel({ {icon = Assets.textures.section_1, text = exports.MultiLang:getString("figures")}, {icon = Assets.textures.section_2,
  4. What the dgs? And how can I make a choice of language in freeroam using the example code?
  5. Good day and sorry for my english. Suppose, I want to be able to choose a language if Freeroam. For example: I choose English and all the buttons are in English. I choose another language, the become another. How to do it? Tell me or show, please
  6. Парни, помогите, проблема. Спавню авто через freeroam, стою, езжу и через промежуток времени он просто пропадает, искал может где таймер стоит, нету Что делать?
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