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  1. We're still going strong! The Development Update for January 2019 has just been released, going over how December's Alpha testing went, web development progress and what we have planned for February. Tell us what you think on Discord! Read it here: https://forums.emeraldgaming.net/topic/332-development-update-6-january/
  2. If you've been following what we've done so far, you might be excited to hear that we are opening alpha testing applications! In short, we are looking for people that wish to invest their time in contributing to the goal of creating an enjoyable, bug-free environment for all players. The alpha period starts from December 1st, 2018 and may last up to two months. If you feel like you have what it takes to help us find issues and share feedback with what we have completed so far, feel free to read more about it and apply here: https://forums.emeraldgaming.net/topic/237-alpha-testing-app
  3. We recently released our 5th Development Update for October! Read it here: https://forums.emeraldgaming.net/topic/210-development-update-5-october/ Our main focus for the past few months has been the inventory system, which we had to fully scrap and rework in order to complete it in a more timely manner, which resulted in an event better inventory. You can find a recording and pictures of the inventory in action on our forums. We are also looking for staff! If you feel like you're qualified and want to help an upcoming community, feel free to apply to one of the teams listed below. K
  4. We have just posted our second development update, with a third one on it's way. https://forums.emeraldgaming.net/topic/69-development-update-2-may/
  5. Can't wait to show what else we have in stock!
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