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  1. it is, isnt it..... but i just had to get that off my chest
  2. i would like to apologize for once again bringing up the differences between MTA and CS. and by the way.... don't know about you guys, but personally i cant stand CS for much longer then 30 mins
  3. im sorry, but this post just made me MAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!! Im sure im not the first person to reply this way, but i jus cant be bothered to read the reply's. look chewits, im no programmer, but im programmer enough to know how F***ING hard it is! if this is your opinion on other peoples work (hard god dam work) then u can shove it up your ass! so unless u can do better shut ur traphole! this is the MTA mod not "ChewEboy's sickest desires mod", so the team does not need you consultment on everything. If you have suggestions, post them in the suggestions section, and not in such a rude dam
  4. well the boss is just a term.... could be replaced by the term "the man"... or for those of u who still dont get it "the winner"
  5. i agree with bobo, no to cs gameplay! who on earth comes in a store with an m60 in his hands with an intention to buy something.. i say, even if there were stores i'd rather rob them than buy smth. as for money.... well you could include it but just as a new way of counting scores, the one with most money is the boss, just like in real life.
  6. DABEAST666

    The Hunted

    hey guys u dont need a special script to play the hunted, use your imagination, i usually run a server and me and my friends wait until someone comes in and hunt him down
  7. guys, keep doing your thing, we luv your work anyway. + it is afterall you who get more work so it is of course up to you.
  8. maybe im just too helicopter and bike dependant....... but hey my side is leading in the vote
  9. well for alot of us bandwidth is not the problem, i have a 10mbit connection (quite little for a server) and in most stressfull times the network utilization hardly goes above 2%
  10. i was just wondering if it is possible in future to let the server handle spawning, since there are alot of cases where for example one player can see a car , while another one can't. if the server would determine whether the car is there or not and send the information to the players it would be a whole lot better.... am i making any sense?
  11. aight dragon we'll see how many ppl share your views and how many share mine.... let the most popular alternative win PEACE
  12. dont answer my stupid question..... i jus realized how stupid it was
  13. haha we're leading! or do you need a qualified majority . jus kiddin. anyway are the mta team even going to listen to what ppl here say? wonderin....
  14. jeez did i offend ne1 in my post, no reason to get all feisty, chill out. reasons: helicopters bikes smaller map, more suitable for multiplayer newer etc. i asume you already know the things i am going to say. #2 where the *fock* did u get the idea that im specificly telling them to do something, ever heard of SUGGESTIONS? maybe theyll care, maybe they won't so why not just say what i think? element of democracy #2: freedom of speech.
  15. i think that by the time mta:vc 0.3 will be finished, most of the ppl will have bought vice city ( since it is a couple of hundred times better than gta3) and isn't the main concept of democracy: majority rules? anyway, i think that you are wasting your time and effort with gta3:mta. YOU HAVNT PLAYED GTA UNTIL YOU PLAYED VICE CITY! P.S. dont listen to all those ppl who want to turn MTA:VC into another counterstrike, it may have been good for 1998, but were living in 21st cetury for crying out loud! you must preserve gta's unique bizarre bloodfest concept.
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